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Run a drip?

Asked by susanc (16134points) December 21st, 2008

So is this the drill: you keep a faucet dripping a little bit when you don’t want your pipes to freeze? The faucet farthest from the place the water comes into the house from outside? Or do you have to drip other faucets too?

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@Susan: Do you have a plumber to whom you have paid enough money over the years to allow you one free phone call? I think it depends on the house, the heating system, the pipes, the whole damn mess. You are on a well, right?

Are we having fun yet?

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God, am I glad I live in California.

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You can just drip the one farthest from the outside. If you have a mudroom or exterior room with a sink like the garage that is not heated much I would drip that one too.

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@buster, special thanks. Exactly what I seem to remember. The pipe from the well (which is way uphill) runs under the ceiling of an unheated garage before it comes inside. No heat in there but a woodstove.
Wish me luck….
@Chuck: damn you! Don’t tell me about California!!
@Gail: aren’t we condo age yet?

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Dripping faucets? What strange traditions people keep when the temp drops below 45 BRRRRR.

Come visit us in San Francisco-at noon tomorrow it will be 60, so bring a sweater!

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<< Scowling at the California people.

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<<<grrrr california people

Hey it isn’t a “tradition”, pal, it’s Yankee ingenuity. Drip or die.

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