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Which celebrity chef would you pick?

Asked by SoapChef (2978points) December 21st, 2008

You have won a catered dinner party and can choose from Bobby Flay, Tyler Florence or Guy Fieri. Who would you pick and why?

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I pick SoapChef :)

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Hey! I was going to say that!

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Guy Fieri. watch me be the only one to say that
2. Bobby Flay
3. Tyler Flawrnce—he cooks some pretty freaky foods man.

My #1 would be Rachael Ray <333 I love her cooking :D.

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Giada! Bay-bee!

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@ Augustian :0) You may not get bragging rights that you had a celebrity chef for your party, but you would be fed well!
@ 90s Why Guy?I like him.
@ AstroChuck Your horns are showing!

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No offense, but Guy Fieri is a boner.

I pick Anthony Bourdain. For a runner up: Gordon Ramsay.

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PW is right. Fieri is a hack line cook that won some tv contest on personality. Tony Bourdain has excellent technique, but I actually saw him light a cigarette in the kitchen once. Of the other two in the question, I’d have to go with Tyler Florence (who btw has the largest head on any human I’ve ever met. Seriously it’s like a moose!) Flay’s a one trick pony. I had his food years ago when he started out in the East Village and it hasn’t changed much since then. Lots of honey. How creative.

Give me David Chang any day.

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@breedmitch….LOL….I’m dying on your description of Tyler Florence’s head! I’d still pick him, though…out of those choices!

Fieri drives me insane. I don’t know what it is, but blah.

Bobby Flay would be my husband’s choice, but only to watch him do some grill work – not for a broad lesson.

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If SoapChef was otherwise booked; I might take Ina Garten or maybe even Nigella Lawson. None of those men mentioned above really enthrall me. Although I have mentioned in another thread that Giada is sexy, this is about food!

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Julia Child – back from the dead and ready to party?

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“Life itself is the proper binge.” – Julia Child
I lurved Julia! She rocked my stock pots

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I guess it would all depend on my mood, grilled food I would say Bobby, Italian Giada, Homey fresh goodness Ina Garten, steak maybe Tyler. Maybe a cookoff is in order!

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Told ya I would be the only noe to pick guy. Either way , RR is my favorite.

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Of the three choices you listed, I’d pick Tyler Florence, just because he’s the quietest. I don’t want someone yelling while I’m trying to learn to make food.

Of those who exist that you don’t have listed, I’d pick Bourdain for his French food skills, or Ina Garten; she makes everything look so easy and she’s way low key.

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I just want Ina Garten’s kitchen! :)

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cak: Wouldn’t be even better if she was in it cooking everything and then her staff showed up to clean, too!

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@bythebay – absolutely! :)

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This may be a bit off topic, but cak is talking about it so: Who here thinks barefoot contessa’s laugh is scary?

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@90s kid…sometimes, yes…if she’s laughing for a little while.

Sorry to be off topic!

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I’d pick Jamie Oliver!! He’s awesome!! ;)

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Definitely gotta be Gordon Ramsay for me.

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This is strictly about the food. The celebrity chef is in the kitchen and not mingling with guests, right. That being said, without a doubt from your 3 options it would have to be Flay.
He has repeatedly proven his skill in the kitchen (Iron Chef episodes) and is not just "a personality." Having eaten his creations I know I'm getting the real deal. However, if I truly had my choice I'd pick Jason Roberts. Don't know him, he's from Australia and wow! Check him out. Want to read more about Jason visit
He did an ‘Iron Chef’ type competition in Tampa, FL. What he did with chocolate and fish was remarkable!

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