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How much should i charge for a domain sale?

Asked by mirza (5042points) September 10th, 2007

I am selling a couple of my old domains.I have no idea how much to charge for them – the ones on ebay seem overpriced. THe domain that i want to know the price for is a 5-letter .com domain and could be a good name for a web 2.0 site.

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Put the domain up on the auction block with a low starting price. If there are at least two interested bidders, you should receive fair compensation for it.

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Will you lose any value by telling us the names of the domains? A five-letter memorable word could be very valuable. If it’s a really good domain name, you might be better off holding on to it and posting a note on the site that the name is for sale. Ebay might not be the best place to sell a really good name.

What are the names?

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@sferik: u are right about the ziked part but i found a better,smaller name ( and my partner will kill me if i tell anyone)

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$903 according to Leapfish

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