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Who uses palm handhelds?

Asked by sparkky (93points) December 22nd, 2008

Who uses palm handhelds anymore? With cell phones, seems unnecessary but the geek in me still finds them cool. I don’t own one.

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I don’t own one either, but as a fellow geek i find them to be completely awesome haha. There is some sort of wow factor about pulling out a palm and typing away at an e-mail and then taking the little stylus out to send it away :p.

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I haven’t seen one in years.

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Ohhh…I just read the “asked _ hours ago” next to the question header and for a moment, thought it said asked 2 years ago…

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Haha, GG, sndfreQ.

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I still use mine! I keep it for the antique quality…

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Hey i use a Treo 755p for a phone. It uses the palm interface. It is freaking sweet. I am, however, the only person I know that uses palm.

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