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What's up with those creepy Palm Pre commercials?

Asked by Fred931 (9429points) August 28th, 2009

Do they honestly think that they’ll sell phones with this? (Watch it, even if you’ve seen the ad already… It’s somewhat, er, funnier.)

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yeah, wow. that was…clever.

no, it’s pretty much universally accepted that those commercials are rubbish. i think they thought the ads would be like the iPhone ads, but with a face. But the creepy Borg Queen faced lady was their first mistake (with the ads).

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she scares the shit out of me on a constant basis.

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They really aren’t very appealing. They’re like this inhuman, futuristic, Scandinavian, unfunny, unattractive (not the woman herself), Vanilla Sky style, sterile, uncomfortable commercial that distracts you from the actual product and just leaves you feeling like a piece of your soul has been eaten by a jackalope.

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the jackalope that ate my soul says it tasted like cotton candy.

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I have but one question: Where have her eyebrows gone?

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I want one!

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An eyebrow?

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I don’t much care for the traumatizing take-off on the ad in the link, but I really do like the Palm Pre ads with her in it. The background is from the Mona Lisa, and her face is in the style of another famous 18th Century painting that I can’t quite place. This, coupled with the hypnotic pacing of her voice does induce a kind of Deja Vous that I find appealing.

I love her. I’ll buy all her crap.

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@MontyZuma : The Mona Lisa? Are you sure?

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Deja Moi?

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The Palm Pre commercials are corny and scary. Sprint needs help lol.

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@MontyZuma: are you thinking of Girl With a Pearl Earring ?

@ubersiren: Here is the Mona Lisa for comparison…

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This isn’t 18th Century, but this Pinter: and this de la Tour are representative of the style of 18th Century portraiture I had in mind.

Michael Parkes probably comes closest to what I had in mind for the othrer painting. Parkes is a 20th Century painter but he paints in a style that is evocative of an earlier classical period.

The ad is close enough to jog memories of these paintings and create a sense of Deja Vous.

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@hearkat : Yeah, they just don’t look similar to me. Maybe it was intended to be an interpretation of it, but I don’t get it.

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@ubersiren and @MontyZuma – Like you, I don’t think it was intended as a direct copy of any one image, just to give the viewer that impression. What made me think of Girl with the Pearl Earring was the pale skin and almost invisible eyebrows, I guess.

I almost never watch TV so I hadn’t seen the ad prior to this Question. It is peculiar, indeed.

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Im glad Im not the only one who noticed. And even gizmodo doesnt have an answer for this question.

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