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Holiday Season Tipping-- who do you need to tip and how much/what gift is appropriate?

Asked by Kiwibuggie (2points) December 23rd, 2008

I’m thinking more in terms of service industry people (not family/friends) – like the doorman, the residence management staff, your hair dresser, cleaning lady, security guard, etc…thanks fluther friends!

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Hah, that’s funny because I need to get my hair cut, but I’m waiting until after Christmas so I don’t have to tip my hair dresser more. I wasn’t sure you really had to, but I figured you should. She’s already basically out of my budget, but she’s awesome!

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Heres the latest for these hard times.

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Always tip your letter carrier! An appropriate amount would be anywhere between $150 and $300.

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We always tip our newspaper delivery person because he manages to put the daily NY Times on our doorstep rather than in the driveway – and if the tip is big enough, for the rest of the year we occasionally get a left-over Sunday Times free of charge.

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AC: According to the CBS link ^^, ”
“Incidentally, the United States Postal Service Web site’s page on “Gifts From Outside Sources” says postal workers aren’t allowed to accept cash, ever. They are allowed to accept gifts worth as much as $20.”

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Gail- shhhhhhhh!

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I won’t tell if you won’t. Here we give our local Post Mistress lbs. of home-made cookies, candies, toiletries and other non-essentials. She then serves all the edibles to us when we come in for mail.

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