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Are you supposed to tip a massage therapist and if so, what is appropriate amount?

Asked by boettiger (123points) March 15th, 2008
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I tip 15%, i think. Let me search Fluther, i think this has been asked before.

edit: Great answers here:

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I usually tip 20%or up depending of the person who did it. I usually tip more when there’re student.

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did you get a happy ending? J/K
15–20% is the norm

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Every time;)

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If the masseuse is a pro and you enjoyed the massage go for a big tip(you will be NEW!!!), if not go for 10%.

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Definitely tip 15–20 % UNLESS it’s in a clinical setting (like if you’re using health ins to pay for it). If that is the case, you are not expected to tip at all. I just asked my friend, who is an N.D., this same question last week and this was her answer. I like it.

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