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Is there a specific name for this type of drink?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) December 28th, 2008

the drink is simple. Coffee with Hot Chocolate mix. I will use a cup, put hot chocolate in the bottom of it, pour in coffee, stir, and drink. What is the name of this drink, or does it not have one?

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The closest I can think is a mocha.. I did a quick search and it seems like anything beyond coffee and hot chocolate, say if you add orange peel or another ingredient, the drink takes on a special name of its own.

Coffee recipes

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I call it a poor man’s mocha.

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@kevbo: You beat me to it! I make them all the time :-)

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I don’t know, but I’m tired of ordering a “half-coffee-half-hot-chocolate” from Tim Horton’s (which is, in my opinion, the best drink they serve). Luckily, I recently learned that their mocha is just that, plus whip. So, to order this drink from Tim’s, ask for a “no-whip mocha”.

From Starbucks, you’d order a “mocha coffee misto” (with one pump of vanilla, if you like).

Since “coffee misto” is another term for “cafe au lait”, I reckon you could also call this a “mocha cafe au lait”.

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As an aside, Mexican coffee sounds similarly delicious.

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Mocha is not half coffee half chocolate.

Mocha is chocolate syrup and espresso. NOT coffee.

Cafe au lait is coffee with milk in it. Similar to a latte which is espresso and milk.

A mocha cafe au lait would be akin pouring chocolate milk into a cup of coffee. It’s not quite hot chocolate mixed with coffee.

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This site calls it Hot Chocolate Mocha, and they have a recipie for making your own. You can then put it into a jar to give as a gift. Scroll down to variations to see your drink.

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We always called a “chocko,” never heard it called that outside of the family though.

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A simple mocha…

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@Perchik- Mocha is also what Starbucks calls their chocolate syrup. You can order anything you like with the word “mocha” as a modifier, denoting usage of the mocha syrup. The syrup is used to make both the mocha (with espresso and steamed milk and foam) and the hot chocolate (with steamed milk, a bit of vanilla, whipped cream, and mocha drizzle). So, a “mocha coffee misto” is accurate, in the Starbucks realm.

Cafe au lait is coffee with steamed or heated milk. Since hot chocolate is frequently made with hot milk, I think this is an appropriate comparison. Hot milk (with mocha powder or syrup) with coffee.

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I’m going to name it a chockodile

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It’s called a mocha cafe au lait. Half hot chocolate half coffee, It’s the best!

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I would agree with the poor (wo)man’s mocha. A true mocha would use espresso and a good chocolate syrup. I was once told that a mocha is a type of latte.

actually a true mocha is a type of roast, like mocha java. but that’s another thread.

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amazing drink. dont know the name of it either

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@mass_pike4 I think Kevbo got it right.

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How about Mocha Java?

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In California prison system
It’s called a Cadillac

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This is called a ‘Cadillac’. And, was created in jails because the coffee there is, well, cheap(gross). Then, it became popular in public. Now, it’s popular with whip cream and Carmel drizzle ;) seasonally add some pumpkin spice!

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