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HELP! My Computer has got SARS or something...?

Asked by judochop (16104points) December 28th, 2008

My computer says I have a tojan virus but it will not clean it out. It has become slow and just flat out crappy. I have norton and spyware…What could have caused this and how can I fix it?

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Trojan.Vundo is what my Auto-Protect Results keep trapping.

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First off norton is a piece of crap. Go download AVG for free. Run that and then try and get rid of the virus with that.

Where is the virus located on your computer?

GQ for saying your comp had SARS :P

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Thanks! Thats the thing my computers Auto-Protect is not telling me where the virus is hiding. Sometimes it blocks me from even shutting my computer down. Lemme go try AVG.

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Be sure to download and run the Norton removal tool before you install AVG…

Then also download and run Malwarebytes..great for finding all kinds of things…

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go to local PC repair shop – they will fix it for you…

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AVG did the trick. My computer is fancy again. Thanks!

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I’ve had a trojan for months…off to try AVG!!

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judo, one thing to remember is safe mode. If you start your computer in safe mode, it (usually) doesn’t let a virus load itself into memory and cloak itself.

The best thing to do is update your definitions for spyware/virus software and then start in safe mode and do two full scans. That should cure most infections completely.

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Practice safe computing to prevent such troubles. Be careful what you download and make sure everything gets scanned before you open it. Beware of e-mails with attachments from people you don’t know or people who you are not certain are as careful or more so than you! Backup your important work external to your PC.

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