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Windows 98 printer problem?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6589points) December 28th, 2008

So, I am trying to fix my grandpas computer. he has this printer, it was working before. He got a wireless mouse and everything went crazy. Well I guess my uncle managed to fix everything by reinstalling all the drivers. However it seems like the printer driver isn’t installing. I went through the steps that windows reccomended, obviously it didnt have the model available. So I went to the HP website and DL’d the driver from there. still no success. The error that pops up says, printer error. you must install a printer. I did, so I am out of ideas.

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Have you ever considered upgrading?

Are you sure that the drivers are windows 98 compatible? Try going into “Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager” and removing the printer completely, and then reinstalling.

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Well its my grandparents computer, And they don’t care enough to upgrade it unfortunately. and yeah the printer is 98 compatible. I go to device manager and I don’t see any printer driver to remove. the only thing is the port that it plugs into, but don’t think thats it. Its labeled as a Printer Port (LPT1)but other then that no printer.

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He was asking whether the drivers were Windows 98 compatible…I’d assume they were if you managed to download them from HP’s site.

Do this:
-unplug printer
-Remove all printers installed under the control panel so you have no default printer, and restart.
-Plug the printer back in (it should ask you to install drivers using a wizard setup) if it doesn’t, just unplug it and install the driver again.
-After you install the new driver, go to the control panel—->to printers, and check to see if you see a new device added now.
-if you do see a printer, you should be able to make it default by right clicking on it.
-make it default and restart, and try to print a test page.

I can’t recall the exact step by step with windows 98…but that should be pretty close.

Also, did you download the driver? or are you using the CD that came with the printer? Using an outdated driver may have something to do with it, or if he doesn’t have windows 98SE the driver you’re trying to use might not work with regular windows 98, only 98SE.

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