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Remember that question about mice in my Subaru Forester?

Asked by gailcalled (54644points) September 13th, 2007

Kelly suggested grated pieces of Irish Spring. I’d like to report that the chips are scattered each morning and there are suspicious small teeth marks around the edges….plus new mice turds on seats and floor of car near cuppa chips.
Other ideas? (And Bounce loses odor after c. one month.)

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Ugh! I——ing hate mice. Hate, hate, hate them. I really could go and have gone on for 30 minutes or more spewing expletives to illustrate my feelings about those bastards.

In college, I worked at a pool snack bar with a mouse problem. Sadly, I was the only one with enough common sense to stack all of the boxes of chips and candy bars on barstools in the center of the room thereby keeping those——ers at bay.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Perhaps you could devise a system where the car is elevated or protected by sheer surfaces.

Or try soaking your car in poison and setting it on fire.


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Well, I won’t tell you about my endless struggle w. the rodents; like the time I scooped up a huge container of sunflower seed, carried it thru the living room to throw on deck (due to enormous snow storm barring path to bird feeder.) In mid-journey a chipmmunk emerged from the open end of container and ran up my arm. The rest is a messy blur…

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A strobe light should scare them off. They sell battery powered ones that you could put in your car. They are mostly used for critters in your attic. I’m not sure if you would want one flashing in your car all night.

This is stuff I have heard. I can’t confirm it.

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And the issues of using batteries night after night! I am going back to the Havahart on the car seat. Nothing like finding a lively and live mouse every am.

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Gail, you need a kitty to live in your car just for a short while. Once the mice smell a cat they will never return.

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Irish Spring worked for me. at least it smells nice. try the glue traps. they are cheap, and when you find a rodent in one, do the following: put on heavy gloves, fill a coffee can 3/4 with water, put the glue trap with rodent in the water in the can, place a stone on the glue trap, 3 minutes later remove the glue trap and remove the rodent, let the trap dry somewhere and reinstall. trap is usually good for about a dozen captures. Gruesome, but it works.

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@kelly; “Gruesome” is an understatement. Are you male or female? I like the idea of the bucket, string w. greased spool on it, ramp up side of bucket. The mouse climbs up ramp, balances across string, tries to eat grease on spool and slips into water. Then I can have several bottles of wine and finally, throw the corpus undelecti into the woods..

@joli; Thanks for the idea, but I probably won’t rent a kitty just to live in my car. When my daughter’s cat visited, he brought us several almost-dead birds – one of them still barely twitching a little claw and waving a few feathers. My daughter’s bf bonked the bird on the head w. a shovel. I could never have done that.

There are now walk-in mouse traps. I may try one.

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I’ve read about success with peppermint-spearment sprays. Rodents are supposed to hate the smell and leave asap

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@jackpoint; that’s an idea worth trying; at least it is palatable. Thanks

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Subaru Forester? Didn’t he write “Old Folks at Home”?

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If all else fails, you could get a python.

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@jvgr; Note date of original question. Then type “Milo” into the google Fluther search. He has solved the mouse problem and is much softer and sweeter to cuddle with than a python, who just seems to hang around.

But thanks for the thought.

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