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One of my little mice has died. Does the remaining mouse need a new friend?

Asked by tinyfaery (41547points) November 7th, 2009

I know that mice don’t live long. I have had them both for about a year and 9 months. Thing is, I have no idea the age of either of them, so the one remaining mouse (Minnie) could live for another 6 months or so.

I don’t want the remaining mouse to be lonely. A few weeks is one thing, but what if she lives for another 6 months? Will she be okay? I don’t want her to suffer.

If I do get her a friend, will she be okay if I get 2 younger mice that come form the same litter (if that’s what it’s called)? Boys or girls?

What should I do?

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It’s hard to understand the psychology of mice. It may get lonely.

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I would not give her a friend or two. While they might get along just fine, sometimes mice can be territorial, especially if the new mice don’t smell right, and then you get mouse fights. Based on what I observed when I had to raise mice as part of my job, mice don’t mind being alone as long as there is food, water, and stuff to chew.

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Everyone needs a friend

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I agree with Darwin on this one. Don’t add new mice to an older mouse’s cage. Rodents, espescially small ones, aren’t like dogs/cats/humans/birds. If you’re worried about your mouse then keep her cage interesting. Change things up a bit. Move the rope ladders, give her a few treats. She’ll be better off than if she had to put up with new whippersnappers in her space.

I’m sorry your mouse baby died. :(

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We had the exact same scenario. We later found out mice usually only get along if they were paired very young.
(We ended up with two seperate cages housing one mouse each.)

Sorry about the loss. Mice are awesome and it is sad when they go.

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Nevermind… sorry to hear about your mouse.

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RIP Lucy the mouse.

<—This is not her but it looks just like her.

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I feel for you. I am rejoicing the fact my “monkeyshine” cat came back two days after I let her out. I thought for sure as shit she was grabbed by coyotes.
The mouse could be reincarnated you know, so beware of any new animals that arrive.
I believe when our talented guinea pig died he was resurrected to cat stardom. Day after it died a cat was at our door,then I hated cats, not anymore.
To answer your question, if SSRI’s don’t work for it, then try a companion.

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Aww. :( RIP, mousie.

(Everybody else already gave the good advice: don’t risk trying to introduce a new mouse. Just give the remaining one lotsa lovin’.)

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Sorry about your mouse. :( I’m thinking that if you get a new mouse they might fight, but if you want to ask an expert you can use the contact link at this website:

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Awwww Lucy was darling. What is the name of her surviving friend?
Lucy looks like Jude, the companion we got for Harry after Maxwell died.
All have passed now and I do miss them, especially Harry who was the subject of at least a dozen paintings.

So – do you still have chickens in your shower?

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Im going to have to agree with Darwin also. She will most likely not want one or two other new and younger mice in her space. I know how you feel though, I used to own rats tad bigger than mice haha but I loved them. I had one for about 2 years before she died. Very sad. But don’t worry you still have your current one and really the only companion she needs is you. Just give her plenty of attention.

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Sorry about the loss of your mousey friend. As for your question, how about a nice new kitty friend for Miss Remaining Mouse? I’d consider going with Siamese.

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Poor mousie. Poor tiny. :(

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Thanks all. Minnie is the remaining mouse. I will try to give her extra love and attention.

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I think I have one in my pantry that I will gladly mail to you!

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Update: Minnie might actually prefer being alone. She is much more active and has lost a bit of weight. She seems content.

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That seems a bit suspicious. Did Minnie have a life insurance policy out on Lucy?

Seriously though, I’m glad to hear your mouse friend is happy!

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I am not quite sure. I used to have mice but that was so long ago i don’t remember too much about them. I know I would want a friend, but I am not sure the psychology of mice. Like others have said, mice can be very territorial.

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My last little mousie has died. RIP Minnie.

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:( Sorry to hear that.

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She probably died of a broken heart, mice are not meant to live alone. Despite age. It is best to introduce a new mouse.

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This question was from 2009.

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