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Does Anyone Know Any Really Effective Ways Of Getting Rid Of Lice?

Asked by desiree333 (3211points) December 29th, 2008

My sister just found out she has lice, and she needs to know any really effective ways of treating lice. Shes had it before and has tried things like Tea Tree Oil and it dosent actually work. Does anyone have any good remedies that will actually get rid of the lice?

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I live a few blocks away from professional de-lousers. They’re kind of like a warped hair salon. She can visit one of those. They will de-louse her and tell her what to do around the house to make sure they don’t crawl back in.

If not that, then she’ll need a good de-lousing kit and someone to go at it with her.

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There are special lice shampoos on the market which are very effective. One of the most important things (and often most tricky) is cleaning your home completely to make sure there aren’t nits lingering around the house anywhere. Fortunately, when we got it as kids once, it was in the winter. We used the shampoo, put on clothes fresh out of the laundry and went to a friend’s house for a few days while we turned off the heat at home so the winter could freeze them out.

This link has some helpful information as well:

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Here's a website for you:

Also, importantly, she should be told and remember that while getting lice is certainly embarrassing, but doesn’t actually reflect on her in anyway. They can be picked up all over the place.

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EmpressPixie is 100% right there. There is a stigma attached to having lice. People assume it means you’re dirty, but lice actually prefer clean hair because it’s easier to attach nits (eggs) to the hair shaft.

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It might not be an option but shaving your head would get rid of the lice. That’s what I do when I’m trapped on a prison colony with Sigourney Weaver.

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@bodyhead: If it had been a boy instead of a girl, I would have suggested that too. It’s just way easier. They can be a PAIN to get rid of.

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@ EmpressPixie, yes they are really hard to get rid of, and alot of work. Today is my birthday and my whole family has been spending all day vacuming, and using lice treatments, this is a birthday to remember… :O

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Not exactly, the gift that keeps on giving that you had in mind eh? Anyway, happy birthday.

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@ bodyhead, not exactly the gift I had in mind, lol. Thank you.:)

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Go to the health department. They will educate you and help you get creams or poisons for free or reduced price.

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After washing your hair rinse with vinegar. It does nothing to kill the lice, but it makes your hair slippery so the nits can’t attach well. It is a precautionary measure.

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Go try on all the hats at Macy’s! just kidding

Your physician can prescribe “lice shampoo” for her; foul stuff, but it works. Nothing to be ashamed of.

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Ugh. Use the medicated shampoo prescribed by a doctor.

This leads me to a great parenting story: When I was in third grade I was really sick. My dad was never one for measuring out medication, so he told me to take a swig of the prescription cough medicine for my cough. I reached up into the cupboard, grabbed (what I thought was) the cough syrup, and took a swig. A healthy swig, I might add because by that time I had witnessed some healthy drinking. So as I’m swallowing this medication, my mouth and throat start to burn like crazy. I freak, look at the label on the bottle, and realize it’s prescription lice shampoo! I had to be taken to the E.R. where they pumped me full of some charcoal crap that neutralized whatever was in the shampoo. Man, that sucked!

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@ gimmedat omg that sounds terrible!

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Someone told me that if you pour peroxide or alcohol in your hair then wrap it up in a towel and leave it on for about 15 minutes when you take the towel off you can see the lice and eggs in the towel.

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