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Has anyone had their Septic System fail?

Asked by mike_perrault (19points) January 1st, 2009

If you are not on a municipal sanitary sewer, have you had your septic system fail?

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no, not at all..
did it happens to you? :)
[just curious]

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Yes. In Massachusetts you have to have your septic system inspected before you can sell your house. The system did not pass the inspection and I had to have a new one installed.

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I was house sitting for my sister and the septic tank filled up. The master bedroom and and bath were lower then the rest of the house. By the time I noticed the bathtub had filled with about 5 inches of poop and paper. And yes, I did clean up the mess.

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Septic systems get nasty when they fail.

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There is a place in septic tanks made for sticking a hose into them. You can pay someone to find the hole and pump it out. You can’t do this on your own though unless you have a small trackhoe and pumptruck.

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We paid someone to come out and pump it out. But we did dig up the opening for them. It was surprisingly close to the surface. We only had to dig down about 8 inches.

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Hahahaha Look————————————>
Amazon is selling one book on Septic Systems and one book called, Why Congressional Reforms Fail.
I find it funny that the two are juxtaposed next to each other like that in this thread.

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I’ve seen them fail on those rid-x commercials…


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I have my tank pumped and inspected every three years. He marks the spot alwasy. The last time the guy was here, he found that that the line to the house had buckled and cracked and was on its last legs.

He brought in a little back hoe and laid a more solid and durable new pipe with some vents for the sewer gas. I think the new system will outlive me.

I also have my chimney swept every few years; it is cheaper to do regular maintenance than have a hideous domestic emergency similar to that which JP described.

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Yes and its the shits.

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yeah i have mine pumped out about every three years. it’s something you’d rather do too often rather than not often enough, because once it fails it’s a major emergency ASAP. they say if more people live in the house it has to be done more often. you can’t just have it pumped out, they are saying you have to replace the whole thing? i heard that could be like $20,000. ouch.

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I thought my septic system was failing me once, turns out it was just my appendix.

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Hah, judochop, lurve!

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