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Any techs out there : what makes that long beep sound on my pc?

Asked by seVen (3478points) January 2nd, 2009 from iPhone

I tried to install more ram 1gb to my pc and it gives off that annoying beeping sound, ..just as a short beep when you start /restart but this time constant .I get sound now even when new and old memory is not attached.

My monitor stoped responding it won’t turn on too. What do I do?

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is there message “amount of system memory has been changed press F1…”? if if other , what kind of message???

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I’m unable to see anything in my monitor because it won’t start, it was all fine until now that I started installing more RAM

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check monitor connection, it may loose. it may be video card failure or motherboard failure

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I wonder what response you would’ve gotten if you called us nerds!

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I don’t want to take my of to bestbuys’ geek squad for stupid stuff like that and who knows how much they’ll charge.

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I pluged in the monitor connector as tight as I could and checked all connections inside the tower if they got loosed but still….

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if you got wrong type of RAM or didn’t install it properly, you could burn mobo down… did you try to take new RAM out and install old one???

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Yeah I took my new one off and old remained it stoped for a few at first start but my second start was beeping

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The stupid ram was one of a kind at walmart, they only caries one kind and other with just twice of gb

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One time my computer wouldn’t start and I heard the BIOS beeping at me- it turned out the memory card needed to be re-seated: I just took out the memory card and re-installed it, and everything worked.

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I think imma take it to my bro in law he’s a geek, I just asked here before anything because I think you people know much.

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before you buy RAM you should first check what kind you need. Beeping means self test didn’t pass. What kind of PC do you have

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My PCs' parts are mostly bought from I know motherboard and asus grafix card at least was bought there like 3yrs ago.

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Continuous Beep – No Power, Loose Card, or Short

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Power supply is on cause CPU fans run, so must be the other two. Anyways thanks for response @LL !!!

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Do you have a book for you computer/mobo?

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LOL. Is it running windows? There’s your problem. =D

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There’s typically a guide that will tell you exactly what the beeps mean when you start it up (that comes with your motherboard). There’s a bunch of different variations that mean different things are not connected properly. (It all sounds like Morse code nonsense but means a very specific thing) There is no standard and what the beeps mean can change from company to company.

If you are not seeing anything on the screen and there’s a big beep it does mean that the computer didn’t pass the self test.

If this happens right after you installed the ram then a couple of different things might be going on.

Are you sure that you installed the ram properly (is it seated well and clipped down)?
Are you sure that it’s compatible with your motherboard?
Are you sure that the ram isn’t defective?

Take out your other stick of RAM and see if it is the same type (look for numbers). Maybe even take all of your old ram out, move the new ram to the #1 position and try to start the computer (with the old ram out).

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