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Is it a bad idea to use a "real" picture as my avatar?

Asked by cherryberry (294points) January 3rd, 2009 from iPhone

I’ve decided that I like fluther and want to play here more often. I want change my avatar to something more representative of who I am. Not alot of people use pics, and I wonder if it would be a bad idea for some reason.

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Go for the gold my dear.

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It is up to you/personal preference.

Some split the difference by showing only part of their face or obscuring it in some way (via lighting, etc)

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No, I do.

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Unless you are in the witness protection program – go for it.

Plus you can be creative and obscure yourself a bit with lighting, angle, etc. And there’s always Photoshop – or even a baby picture of you.

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<—- I hope it isn’t a bad idea.

peedub – lurve for the contents of your picture. awesome.

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One thing…I won’t let my children use real pics of themselves online. As long as you are an adult, go ahead and do it :)

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Put a picture. Let people know who you are and what you look like and express yourself.. This page is for Flutherites (jellies?) to put a picture of themselves. Do it.

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If you have a JellyShirt, be sure to add yourself to the Flickr group. I’m the one all wet and covered in sand.

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@richardhenry: <<snort>>

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<-Only a fool would use a real picture of themself.

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I didn’t know about that Flickr group, I’ll need to snap a pic somewhere.

I think if I changed my avatar, people would get confused.

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I just uploaded to the page 90s_kid mentioned. Neat idea!

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I had the idea that became the Photobucket page. Yay! I mention it again because I just love it when folks share what they look like.

This place already feels like community. People seem more real, less digital, when I can see them.

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@Trustinglife: Totally agree. Photobucket though? Blergh. I don’t want to make an account. Anyone fancy moving it to Flickr? :)

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Sure – I’m all for Flickr.

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Flickr is fine and all, and I have no special love for Photobucket, but you really want to have people post a photo again? I wish you could have intervened when we were discussing it!

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<== Or try a real picture with few distinguishing characteristics. People you already know will recognize you. Others have little to work with.

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Krose made the page…I think :S

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Thanks everyone! It won’t let me load the picture. I guess I’ll try on another computer tonight.

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added a little something to Fluther photobucket (may or may not have been a good thing, ha!)

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wondering why that was voted as a ‘great answer’ lol!

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Because it made me smile :) I like to see new pics of our users!

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Ah, okay. :)

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Me too. The video was weird, with a strange clicky sound but whatever.

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Nobody would recognize me from my picture because it’s 30 years old! Bwa-haha!

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…And I just changed mine to my real picture for once.

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