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Can you put MIDI or non-itunes mp3's as ringtones on the iphone?

Asked by jdogg (871points) January 3rd, 2009

There are lots of MIDI’s on my pc that I would want as my ringer on an iphone. There are also a few mp3’s too the aren’t available on itunes.

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AFAIK, the iPhone is incapable of playing MIDI ringtones, as I believe all of the stock ringtones are audio files.

One way to convert them is to open them in GarageBand (Mac only unfortunately), then go to the Share menu to export it as a ringtone.

Otherwise, QuickTime Pro will also enable you to open the .mid file and save as audio (QT used its own MIDI synthesizer to play the MIDI data).

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1. Start iTunes and find the song you want to convert. (It must be an MP3.)
2. Right-click the song and choose Get Info.
3. Click the Options tab.
4. Check the Start Time and Stop Time boxes, then enter times for each (no more than 30 seconds apart, the maximum length for a ringtone). I used 0:00 and 0:30, respectively, as “Spit It Out” has a perfect ascending lead-in.
5. Click OK, then right-click the song again and choose Create AAC Version. You should immediately see a new 30-second version of the song.
6. Drag that version out of iTunes and into the folder of your choice.
7. Delete the 30-second version from iTunes and undo the Start Time/Stop Time changes to the original.
8. Open the folder containing the 30-second AAC file you dragged out of iTunes, then change the file extension from .m4a to .m4r. Double-click it and it immediately gets added to iTunes’ ringtone library.
9. Finally, sync your iPhone. When it’s done, you can head into the settings and select your new ringtone.

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Thanx a ton netxm tid give u a billion lurve if i could u too sndfreQ

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no you cannot put midi files as ringtones on your iphone. it does not play midi / polyphonic ringtones. there is a site that i like to use called ventones

its free and the cool thing is that you can either use

1) an mp3 file to create the iphone ringtone
2) or even give them a youtube video, and youtube has all the songs in the world

you can’t upload an itunes file because apple has drm protection on their files.
but if you want to upload an itunes file that you purchased,
you will first need to burn it to a cd, then reimport into itunes as mp3 format.

the procedure to convert from itunes to mp3 goes like this

* Burn the itunes files to a compact disc and make sure that you burn an audio CD and not a data CD
* Use the iTunes to access the audio CD and add the media files to the library
* Right click the media file and select [Convert Selection to MP3]

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Just remember, these techniques are for songs that you have licensed for your own personal use that are not restricted (i.e. DRM’d music content). Songs on YouTube are not necessarily free of copyright restriction, and are often posted in direct violation of copyright (a word to the wise).

In the case of DRM’d music files, your license is exclusive in that you only have the right to consume that song in its original context or on Audio CD; re-ripping an audio CD to circumvent DRM is exactly what the big companies don’t want you to do, and ultimately, violates the license. Just an fyi…

as an aside, Apple will eventually be converting their entire inventory of music to DRM-free this year; perhaps once this happens, the DRM’d content you own will somehow be convertible to DRM-free…stay tuned

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also note:

It is not illegal to make your own ringtones if you legally own the music file. In late 2006, the Supreme Court backed the RIAA and the the idea of making ringtones from music files as long as you you have purchased the audio file. The record labels took a big hit since they wanted to make additional money from ringtones.

In other words its perfectly legal to use sites or programs to make your own ringtones, as long as you legally own the music file.

This is a quote
“Since making a ringtone doesn’t count as a derivative work, you’re not infringing any copyrights. Just don’t sell or distribute anything, and you should be fine. ”

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