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Best iPod Touch Case?

Asked by justin5824 (196points) March 1st, 2009

Can someone point out their favourite/best iPod touch (1g) case on the market.

I’m looking for a soft/rubber case, not a solid shell.

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I gutted an old Sony Walkman (cassette player). It looks awesome and provides waaaay more protection than any other case on the market.

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However, if you really just want to buy something: This is what I used before, I really liked it too. They come in a range of colours (CMYK and then some)

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Well, is that inCase for the iTouch 1g or 2g?

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mine was 1st gen. looks like that one is 2nd. you can pick em up at any best buy or apple store

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Because it appears to be that the iPod they are showing has volume buttons.

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Yeah. So I guess the one in the picture is second generation. As I said, the one that I owned was for a first generation iPod Touch so I know that they make them.

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Yepp! that’s the one.

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My favorite iPod case is the one I made myself. It’s a sewed cotton padded simple pocket with a Velcro enclosure. It protects the iPod Touch and also keeps the screen clean.

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DIYER! I perefer somthing store bought for somthin of this price

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I have an incase for my iphone, I like it.

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Well, I think that I’m going to get the incase 1g (blue) from Apple.

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Well, I think that the best case is one that covers both the front and the back. One type of case that does this is a “hard-shell case, such as the ones found here.

Hard Cases

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Look up Otterbox case for iphones/ipod touches. You won’t run into any problems with them.

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Check out this simple case idea and vehicle mount.

Its a simple velcro concept that works really well and has no bulky profile

Basically, its the fuzzy side of velcro that acts as a protective case for the phone, then it comes with the male side to put in the car or on the computer so the phone just sticks where you want it…

It can also be used to mount the phone to the side of the computer for an easy sync and charging station….

only $9.95

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I had no interest in a protective case for my iPhone till i discovered one that served an additional and very useful function: reserve battery.

I LOVE this product.

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