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Is it the same thought in Europe? In New York City where there are about 5000 Trannies / Trannies are viewed as a " THIRD " SEX !

Asked by JUDYXYC (31points) January 4th, 2009

In New York City where there are about 5000 Trannies / Beautiful Trannies are viewed as a ” THIRD ” Sex Many well to do men would love to have a tranny. But because they are rare compared to an ordinary women. Many men do not have the $ and where-with-all to keep a Tranny.

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In certain other cultures, Trannies are viewed as a separate sex.

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The whole point of having a sex change is to become the opposite sex. I think “third sex” is kind of an insult.

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“keep a Trannie”? Sounds rather archaic to me.

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Um, a “tranny” is just a a person that dresses up in the opposite sexes clothing. It’s short for transgender. A transexual is a person that identifies with a different sex. Transexuals tend not to like being called “trannies”. Which do you mean?

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Some Transexuals like the word Tranny. If someone indentifies as Transgendered it means that they indentify as the opposite sex and/or are in some phase of becoming a Transexual. I think you’re referring to Crossdressers.

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On my brother’s college resum├Ęs, you had 3 choices for “gender”:

O Male
O Female
O Other

It scares me.

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I’m curious, why do you need money to “keep a tranny”? It sounds like you’re referring to some sort of circus animal or pet. Anyone can love a tranny!

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@loser: It’s a cultural thing, not an insult necessarily. For example the Hijra! There’s some more information about different cultures here.

@jess: Transgender is applied to those individuals seeking a change of gender or who identify with a different gender than they are biologically. You’re thinking of transvestite.

@judy: So, what’s your question?

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I think it was about if Europe views Trannies the same way New York does. I’m not familiar with either location, I’m afraid.
@Asmonet: Thanks for the links! I do know a lot about the subject but I’m always open to learn new things! I’ll check them out now…

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@loser: Thanks. :) I always appreciate an open mind. Hopefully you’ll find some interesting tidbits, especially the bits about lizards who have five distinct genders! Or deer who have four. :)

It’s society who told us there were only plugs and outlets, not nature. :D

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IMHO the third sex is a condition called Ambiguous genitalia, if you are a crossdresser, transexual, or transgender it does not change the sex you are.

If you’re male, you’re male, if you’re female you’re female. Only Ambiguous genitalia falls into neither catagory.

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You might want to take a look at the links above. :)

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@judy: I’m glad you think Trannies are beautiful!!! Are you referring to Female to Male Trannies also?

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This makes me want to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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Oooo! Totally…

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Used to be a fashion in Europe some 10–20 years ago. I think that fad is gone now though. Most trannies I know of work as prostitutes.

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That’s sad.

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