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How do you give lurve?

Asked by rollid (98points) January 4th, 2009

Apparently I’m annoying everyone by being new and having no idea how to use this discussion board. I’ve been looking around trying to figure out what this mythical lurve is and how to give it and how much of it to give and when but I can’t find anything. Please don’t be mean, I’m trying to learn how to use this. I already searched the collective because I imagine that others have asked this question but I am obviously doing it wrong because I can’t find anything. Didn’t realize that there was so much to learn just to ask a few harmless questions :)

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lurve isn’t really .. anything at all it’s just a number, you can get points for asking a good question (where it says “Great Question” or for me you’ll see “Great Answer”, and so you’ll get actually 5 points, you get a point for visiting the sight two days in a row.

how the “Great Answer” works, I think the first one is 5 points and each after that is 1.. or something like that.

I believe how “Great Question” works is for each vote you get 3 points.

Or so this all seems to appear in my account lurve.

Typically the higher the points, the longer they’ve been here, not necessarily.. better or smarter than anyone else.

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Simple. If you think someone has given a great answer just click “great answer” next to the name of the person answering. You’ve then given the answerer 5 points of lurve. Same goes for “great question” except that it’s 3 points. Getting added to someone’s fluther is worth 2 points. You get 1 point for signing up and 1 point for every consecutive day you sign in. Incidentally, lurve doesn’t really mean much except to the ol’ ego.
Welcome to fluther. Lurve for your question.

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Click the “great question” on everyone’s answer. Sample it on me ;D.
Same story with “Great Question”
The sad part is that you cannot lurve yourself.
The maximum lurve facts:
—You can lurve someone only 100 times, then the person you are lurving stops getting lurve.
—Great Answer lurves only give points for the first people to click “great answer”
—1 point for first joining (only can get this once)
—1 point for visiting 2 days in a row
—2 points for entering someone’s fluther
—3 for every “great question”
—5 for every “great answer”

“Flag as…” is if you don’t like something or is innapropriate. Don’t sample that on me, sample it on Astrochuck ;D.

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Yay! Thanks. Lurve for everyone.

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@Rollid; If you fill out a profile, we can get to know you better. For example, if English is not your native tongue, Flutherers will cut you a lot of slack. And knowing approximately how old someone is also helps.

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Lurve for you!

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@kid: “Great Answer lurves only give points for the first people to click “great answer”

That’s not true, anyone who clicks it gives lurve, but if you’re maxed out giving the user lurve, it won’t increase they’re score.

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Oh god. Their not they’re. I am ashamed.

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And if you have other questions just ask. Ignore the bristly folks. There are a lot of strong opinions in this e-neighborhood, but most of the intentions are good.

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On your “My Account” page, on the right, beneath your name and avatar image, you should see this heading:
Lurve What the…?
The link of the “What the?” takes you to an explanation.

Also, I believe this is incorrect, @90s: ”—You can lurve someone only 100 times, then the person you are lurving stops getting lurve.” When I asked this question offlist, I was told that you can give lurve to the same person only about 20 times, to about 100 points (at 5 points each). This limit is to keep people from gaming the system by heaping lurve on their friends.

I think of lurve more like experience points in an RPG than as winnings of any kind.

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@oasis: Stop following my movements on Fluther to defend someone you don’t know from an argument that has long since stopped. It’s rude to original poster.

EDIT: In regards to what you’ve written below, feel free to message me through comments about any concerns you might have with my behavior if you must. But this is not the place for it, again, it is rude to derail a conversation in this particular manner.

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I don’t know what sort of history we’re seeing here, but Asmonet is right, it does not belong in someone’s question thread. We also have attentive moderators who will look in if someone’s behavior gives rise to concern.

This might be a good time to note that a large accumulation of lurve signifies a lot of experience and plenty of appreciation from others in an environment where you can’t really have your own cheering section because any one admirer’s ability to give lurve quickly tops out. My GAs to Asmonet maxed out in my first two weeks.

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*first 5 people
And guess who it was to correct me??

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@kid: Where are you getting that information? I’ve gotten 10+ GA’s before and they have all counted, perhaps you’re mistaken or the way you’re explaining it is what’s confusing me?

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I believe this is where he is getting that information.

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Oh, shit! You guys have drawn the Feds!

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Well, it’s possible I’m remembering the lurve wrong. :) But still, I’d like to know why that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it mentioned.

I’m guessing you’re an alias, FBI.

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Lurve doesn’t really mean shit anyway.

Now, lurve me.

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Yes, sir. :)

Care to reciprocate?

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No. I don’t like when people beg.

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Whatever. Snotty little punk.


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Snotty little punk! I like that!
Lurve to you.

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Haha! I win!

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Welcome to the collective, rollid. In answer to one part of your question, one way to fit in well is to review the Fluther Guidelines regarding the community and asking questions. Another thing that helps is to lurk a bit and get a feel for the site. Fluther is not just another discussion board.

Enjoy and, again, welcome!

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@ rollid: Welcome, I’ve been here but a short while and have come to enjoy it very much! Lurve is fun to get and receive. While it and a dollar won’t buy you much, it’s fun to watch it accumulate for you and other worthy recipients. People that choose to aggravate and agitate just for the sake of doing so and are prone to traits such as trolling probably won’t enjoy the lurve system very much! Take care and again, welcome!

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[mod says:] Offending content removed. Welcome to Fluther rollid, I’m always here if you need help with anything! Feel free to get in touch by sending a private comment to me through my profile or by sending an email to richard (at) fluther (dot) com. Enjoy yourself!

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Yeah I got that from harp first, but then heard other people saying it.

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