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Where is your remote?

Asked by charliecompany34 (7810points) January 4th, 2009

or basically whatever item you use daily that must be placed somewhere so you can find it when you need it?

i have a teenager in the house. if i leave my brush in the bathroom, i might as well plan on buying another one because he’ll use it, take it to his car and, well, lay it down somewhere—who knows where! so i take the brush when i leave the house.

where do you keep “things you need?” what things? why? do you hide the remote? the garage opener? underwear? towels? your kitchen scissors? your tongs? (not thongs, but hey, um, ok, thongs.)

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Velcro, side of the TV.

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I usually hide my underwear on myself…my remote is the 5 year old so I try to keep him nearby…

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For the most part I am a creature of habit, so I rarely misplace things. I tend to always return things to a specific place so that I can find them when I need them. It might look messy, but I know where everything is.

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@googlybear: with three boys in the house, clean underwear is a hot coomodity. i hide my underwear just so i can put my hands on it when i need, well, clean underwear. same with towels and certan sleeping pillows.

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i find myself putting things in certain places all the time. it may look like a mess, but at least i know where it is. i call “laundry” the “general population.” once “my” stuff gets mixed up in the “general” laundry, i may never find it again. socks, fave t-shirts, etc…

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baskets. I have alot of kids, so I have alot of baskets to keep the clutter down and provide a place to put things.

Now which basket did they put that darn remote In?

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I got a drug drawer in my desk. I keep pill bottles, rolling tray, papers, pipes, drugs, etc in there. I used to have a problem with getting high and losing drugs and paraphenalia. I had stuff stashed in eight places across my living area. “Only users lose drugs.” Since I got the habit of using the drawer I rarely lose or have to search for things I hid from myself.

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I have all the remotes in a basket on top of a bookcase. Scissors and pens are in a jar on the counter, but the “wrapping box” has another set of scissors/tape in it. Office supplies all go in one drawer.

I never leave a room without taking a moment to look for things that belong in the room I’m going to, and I put them away as soon as I get in the destination room. Things that belong to others go in baskets on the steps, to be taken up to their rooms.

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The top of our round coffee table opens to reveal a secret compartment where we put the remote.

As far as teenagers taking things, we’ve started charging our 15-year-old whenever she takes something that belongs to someone else and doesn’t return it. Today, however, she hit the epitome of laziness; she took the TP from the upstairs bathroom and took it to her room rather than go to the linen closet (another 12 steps down the hall) to get a fresh roll of TP!

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Remotes are in a basket on the coffee table. I try to have a home for everything so that I can at least know where I put things when I tidy up. Unfortunately, the place we’re in right now is way too small and has very little storage space. The place constantly looks cluttered and it’s often hard to find what you want. :oP

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I have a pottery bowl that I keep just inside the door to dump all of my “stuff”.

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I’ve got a 9 year old I think I misplace things more than he does. I’m the worst sleeper and when I wake up the morning I don’t even bother turning the TV because I know I’ll be late for work trying to find it.

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Seems like the real question is how to teach boundaries to a teenager who does not respect yours. Good luck with that.
My remote is 8 inches from my right thigh.

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You hit on a sore point in our house. I like the remote on the coffee table. My husband tends to leave it on top of the TV, which I think sort of defeats the purpose of the remote.

I am a place for everything person—one place, the same place. He is haphazard. I explain my kitchen storage system. He nods and puts stuff away willy nilly. I sigh and let it go.

The crise du moment is that he has misplaced my favorite kitchen knife with the broken tip and partially melted handle. I am sure it is impacting my cooking negatively.

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It can often be found in the depths of the couch. You know, under the cushions, deep in the crevice there? Sometimes it’s found on the floor. If we are lucky, it’s on the coffee table. Once it was lost for days, until finally, reaching deep into the couch crevice, past the balls of dust, the spiky staples, and the odd splinter or two (in other words, being willing to lose a hand to find it), I found it!

I have tried to reform the kids. I might as well be trying to stop the tides!

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Preferably, all three remotes on the ottoman. Or maybe I should say “ideally.”
I keep one of my (really nice) fingernail clippers in my bedside-table drawer, and one at work, because they disappear if I leave them out. I also have a secret stash of Craftsman screwdrivers- where none shall ever find them. Mine. I leave the cheap decoys out in plain sight for the screwdriver bandits.

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Right where I left it.

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I always dreamed that someday I would remember to leave things where I found them, so that everyday isn’t a new search. Unfortunately, I’m horribly forgetful, and things tend to pop up when I need them the least. Because of this, I’ve learned to go without something until I find it again…

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I own 15 identical towels.

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All 4 remotes belong on the ottoman in front of the couch, or at least in the general vicinity. The thing we lose the most are phones. Whenever they are all missing, I know I will find them all in my daughter’s bed!

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Buster: Not just users!
A friend of mine started really getting into coke.
When she started getting constant nosebleeds, I thought it best to take it away.
Being my usual absent-minded self, I forgot where I hid it.
My SO kind of freaked out that there was a bunch of coke SOMEWHERE in our house.

As for the actual question, we’ve got a box on our coffee table. =)

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My remotes are most handily stored in one of the following easy-to-remember locations:

- in the cushions of the couch
– under the couch
– under the coffee table
– on the computer desk
– beside the kitchen sink
– in the refrigerator
– under documents on the bar
– on the kitchen table
– occassionally, in the trash can
– beneath the dog
– in the other room with the other TV that uses a nearly identical looking remote
– by the front door
– in the bathroom
– near our mail dropbox
– in the car

See? Right where it’s supposed to be. Easy, squeezy, lemon peezy.

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