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New Yorkers: What are the touristy places?

Asked by NYstateOfMind88 (76points) January 4th, 2009

When in the city I sometimes mention how I like this bar/restaurant/shop, and my friends will make fun of me and call it a “tourist” spot. (Sorry, but I love Shake Shack, get off my back!)

What are some other bars and eats in NY that tourists think are “the real deal!” when the truth is, all NYers know it’s just for the tourists? Just looking for some ideas of business establishments. Yes, I have heard of the statue of liberty and times square; I’m looking for business, examples like (the multiple) Rays Pizzas. I’m REALLY looking for less obvious places that still attract all the out-of-towners who think they are a step ahead of the rest of the out-of-towners. For example, saying ESPN zone or Carnegie Deli would be too obvious.

If you aren’t from the area (or have never resided there in the past) it would be great if you just didn’t bother answering because, well, it kind of contradicts the entire premise of my question. This also is not a discussion about “who cares if it’s for tourists, you should still go anyway, blah blah blah”. I’m not saying tourist places are bad.

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The first thing that came to mind was Lombardi’s in Little Italy.

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Sylvia’s in Harlem is considered for tourists.

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Angel’s share
Artichoke pizza
....btw, I like shake shack too!

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thanks all, these are perfect! keep em coming!

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Well I’ve never lived there ever but my uncle, who has lived in manhattan since 1975 told me and my husband to go to Pellegrino’s in little Italy and we thought it was great. Great food, great wine and great service! We spoke to a bunch of people there and they were all locals.

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Ah, erincollins. Seems you did not really read the question. I want to hear about the tourist spots; this is not some sort of attempt to learn where they don’t go (or learn where the “locals” go).

But it does remind me, I do consider pretty much all of little italy in it’s entirety a tourist trap.

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OHHH nystateofmind I read your question a little too fast so excuse me for trying to be nice

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@NY: Oh no, you didn’t!

Edit: oh no, you didn’t!! ; )

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@NY oh thanks for editing that because you sounded like a real jackass

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[mod says:] Flame off people. Back on topic please.

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Max Brenner’s in Union Square, 235th Bar. NYC is loaded with tourists in every part in every area…

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Murray’s Bagels! Although, I’ve seen Bill Murray there, so it’s definitely worth a visit…

Also: Hard Rock Cafe, Planet Hollywood, anywhere on Times Square, that place in Morningside Heights where Seinfeld was filmed…

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Soho, 5th ave, times square, rocker-feller center, columbus circle

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Avoid Times Square if youre wanting to stay away from touristy places.

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