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If you found out you were going to live forever tomorrow, what would you do?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) January 5th, 2009

I wanted to change it from the typical “If you died tomorrow…” question.

Would finding out you were immortal tonight change tomorrow? Or would it be just another day? What’s the first thing you would do?

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Kill myself. I would not want to live forever.

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@omfg: You wouldn’t at least wait a few years to kill yourself? ;)

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I’d cry! I wouldn’t want to be in pain forever!!

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Buy a whole bunch of those forever stamps.

omfgTALIjustIMDu's avatar

@DrasticDreamer, I didn’t know that was an option. I thought you meant you would be immortal starting tomorrow, and not able to die.

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I agree with onfgTaLljustlMDu, you’d end up out lasting everyone and live a loney life.

Just for fun
I’d find ways to die :)

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@Everyone: For the sake of making it more interesting, say you could definitely not die. What would you do?

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Challenge a country and fight an entire army bare handed.

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I’d put aside more money in my IRA or 401(k). Living forever doesn’t sound like any fun if I’m broke and starving, and even those really long term investments might be worthwhile with a horizon like that.

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I would probably put money in some kind of fund so that it would build interest and one day when im 1000 years old I’ll have a bazillion dollars. Aside from that who knows, I would probably do what ever I do now but know that I have a lot more time to get around to some of the things I want to do. So knowing I was gonna live forever would just make me procrastinate more. Awesome….

cherryberry's avatar

I would start a religion in my honor. “All hail immortal me!”

millastrellas's avatar

This question is too difficult to answer. Knowing I was immortal would be pretty devastating.

queenzboulevard's avatar

I would hold a press conference telling the world I was unable to die (or be killed in this situation). I would then spend the rest of time being entertained by all the creative ways the human race would try to assassinate me.

LKidKyle1985's avatar

ha heres an idea, you could do really dangerous magic tricks like david blain or what copperfield use to do or even hudini (sp?) However, in most cases they go horribly wrong (like in arrested development) and you pretend to be killed or what ever. people are sick they would eat that stuff up.

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I would start my quest: To read every book in the world. Every single one.

jrpowell's avatar

I would start my quest: To drink every beer in the world. Every single one.

mangeons's avatar

@john How are you going to pay the travel bill after buying all that beer? : )

omfgTALIjustIMDu's avatar

@mangeons, Even “Mr. Boody Woody,” the book I wrote (and illustrated) when I was 6?

jrpowell's avatar

@mangeons: I will sell all your books.

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I will keep them in a safe that I bought by selling the beers you haven’t drunk yet. : )

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Yes, even Mr. Boody Woody…. sounds… interesting. :)

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This is turning into a good episode of Heroes. It still sucks but it is better than the last season of Heroes.

mangeons's avatar

I never watched Heroes, but I’ll take your word for it. ;)

eambos's avatar

I’d have people pay $10000 (maybe more as I get more famous) just to shot me as many times as they like. After a couple of weeks of looking like Swiss cheese, I’d be rich.

Schenectandy's avatar

Try to find a potion to stay young as well so I wouldn’t wither into a locust.

greek mythology style

mangeons's avatar

Do locusts whither? Why not a dried peach? Like in those bags of dried fruit?

gailcalled's avatar

Whither goest one to buy bags of dried fruit?

bythebay's avatar

I’d relax, ‘cause I’ve got time to kill.

PupnTaco's avatar

Figure out a way to bring my wife/best friend with me.

augustlan's avatar

Eat, drink and smoke whatever I want. So, you know, not much different than usual…but with less guilt.

Knotmyday's avatar

I’m with you, Lan: buy a coupla packs of smokes, and lay-off the treadmill. aaaahhhhhh.

wundayatta's avatar

Stop worrying, and do some serious practicing.

methymudkip's avatar

depends if i was immune to injury and aging as well i guess. i’d be coming up with some evil plan straight away.

srtlhill's avatar

I’d finally have the guts to confront all the bullys of the world and laugh as they try to beat me down. After they got tired I’d kick them in the stones.

windex's avatar

be really really careful so I don’t die TODAY

adri027's avatar

I’d be the ruler of the world.

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I would start composing a huge list of things I wanted to do and places I would want to see so that I wouldn’t forget any of it. And I’d start investing money wisely so that I could pay for all that entertainment and travel at a later date.

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live at the bottom of the ocean for a few years

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Buy a motorcycle.

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Become a dictator, build a cult of personality. The world would prosper. Haha.

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I’d probably get a motorcycle too, Harley Springer Softail. As long as I couldn’t die… wait, is loss of limbs included in this deal?

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I’d kill myself

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You can’t. Fail.

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i think this is an awesome question.
i’d be really devastated though. if there was a 50/50 chance where you’d either live forever or die, i’d be just about equally scared of both. but, i’d definitely choose to die at some point. no tuck everlasting shit for me please and thank you.
but i’d definitely do some dangerous stuff hahaha.

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I would learn every language and trade there is, earn degrees in all arenas of learning. Then I would walk around helping people live better lives, and in the process make my immortal existence worth something. I would of course have to work for a while to pay for all of this, but I think time and worry would fade from my thoughts. I would also watch over my ever growing family tree. I would see the world in a way no person ever has, and use my time to better the world.

Of course in the meantime I would drink every beer and scotch made, as well as make some of my own and let that stuff age for hundreds of years. Then sell it for thousands and invest that. I would also try to stay anonomous for quite a while, just to stay sane.

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Put a poisoned dagger through me gullet.

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A core tenant of my faith is that everybody’s going to either live forever, or die forever. :D
If I suddenly found my physical existence to be immortal starting tomorrow (like, Dr. Manhattan-immortal), I’d probably do crazy things for a while, travel the world (and maybe the seas, too!), learn all that I could, and so on.
Best would be a limited-time physical immortality; living forever in the messed-up state that we humans find ourselves would be miserable.

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