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Tracking down stolen goods?

Asked by LKidKyle1985 (6594points) January 5th, 2009

So, my friend just had his apartment jacked and they stole his laptop and a camera. So obviously the person probably didn’t steal it for his own personal use. So my friend was wondering if there was anywhere he should look to maybe track it down. His first idea was a pawn shop. I know its a long shot, but what are the common outlets for people to make money on stolen goods?

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A) Call the police and report with as much information as he can.
B) Check pawn shops and Ebay.

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Craigslist and pawn shops.

My sister actually had about 300 CD’s stolen back in the day. She sent a list to used record stores and got some of them back. She did have to pay what they paid to get them back. But it was better than nothing. So you do actually have a chance of getting the stuff back.

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I just had my iPhone stolen (they broke into my car where I had stupidly left it for the first time ever). We found out everyone the little creep had spoken to by looking at the numbers called on the account online. I can find him. I can’t wait.

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Get him, Susan.

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thank you thank you. I will report back and share his nasty little name with you all

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@susanc you go girl!

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