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Would the government use cryonics to bring a departed suspect to justice in the future?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) October 4th, 2011

Imagine it is some point in the future. Cryonics is on the cusp of being viable, in the next 5 maybe 7 years. A really bad criminal is cornered and rather than be taken into custody, he/she shots him/herself. Could you see the government freezing his/her body until cryonics is perfected as to bring the departed back to life to stand trial for their crimes?

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God I hope not… Don’t we already have an overworked criminal “justice” *and I use the term loosely… system?

Jesus said… “Why seek the dead on behalf of the living.”

Some people can’t ever just let anything go.

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No, I can’t see that happening in anything but the very distant future, but the idea might make for a halfway decent movie.

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Two words, Demolition Man. Simon says…...“you gonna die now sucka!!”

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I hope not. That practice would be highly immoral.
You can claim that it is about “justice”, but I do not buy it.
I say you would only do that because you are pissed that you could not exact revenge on him/her, so you bring her back so you can satisfy your bloodlust.

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Yes. And then they’ll escape during rehabilitation and the government will have to revive Sylvester Stallone to kill him because no one else from that time period would have the necessary combat skills to do so.

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Good riddance I would say. But another thought: cryonics could bolster the criminal justice system so that a sentence of 500 years means exactly that! Or 1,000 years. It would make the criminals think twice.

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I doubt it. It wouldn’t make any sense. The threat is gone, case closed. Why spend money to bring the person back and go through a costly and emotionally draining trial?

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Absolutely not! Besides which, cryonics will never be viable.

Even if it were, there’s a good case to be made that the person who is revived is not the same person who died. You could not prosecute them.

Under the Orange Tree

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No, death is the final punishment.

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The Nazis are said to have frozen people to death so they could bring them back and freeze them again and again until they eventually die.

I would not put it past us, if we have the means, some sick freak will try.

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Sorry. My imagination is not that fertile.

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What a waste of taxpayers’ money? and for what?
To be hanged SLOWLY? to be drawn-and-quartered?

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@augustlan I doubt it. It wouldn’t make any sense. The threat is gone, case closed. Why spend money to bring the person back and go through a costly and emotionally draining trial? When does the government make any sense? If a person sitting in the death chamber waiting to be executed manage to hang himself from the ceiling, or open his/her veins to let their blood flow, was found before death took them. They would be rushed to the prison hospital, patched up, and when deemed patched up enough, marched back down to the death camber to get the needle in the arm, or strapped in the chair. All that effort, and medical expertise to save a person so you can finish killing them, why not just let them die? They are going to be dead anyhow.

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An even bigger waste of taxpayers’ money: bring back a suicide since suicide is a crime in many states, and execute him/her for murder.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Yeah, that is ridiculous. You do have a point there.

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Seems kinda pointless, if you ask me, as the fellow in question is already dead. What’s more, the quickest and most reliable sorts of firearm-assisted suicide involve blasting brain cells into pudding. Not much to revive that way.

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Cryonics is expensive, why waste the money?

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A lot of money is wasted in the quest of justice.

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