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Do you remember this music video...?

Asked by TruMobius (148points) September 18th, 2007

I remember a music video from around 1983 to 1991.
The singer I believe was a black man he sat in a comfy arm chair playing an acoustic guitar the entire video.

Around him objects where “dancing” i think, I defiantly remember a grandmother clock that would rock forward and back.

The video ended with the camera tracking back out of a train car of some sort (boxcar) that the guy was in.

Forgive me about the poor description was something like five or six when I watched it.

If I imagined it that is ok but I have been thinking about this video for a long time and I am sure its real.

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Yeah, I love that video! You’re thinking of George Harrison’s version of “Got My Mind Set On You.”

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Wow thanks….I’ve been searching for that forever….and it seems that that song and “don’t worry be happy” may have been mixed in my mind.

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Isn’t it interesting how memory changes over time, and George Harrison becomes a black man.

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I was sure it was George, but then I thought Bo Diddly or BB King. What?

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LOL! George Harrison is not a black guy! Funny how our brains remember things.

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