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What are the best apps for iPhone?..for free?

Asked by zilos (16points) January 6th, 2009

I just got mine and well, i want some cool apps

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Using the Fluther search feature (text box on the top right corner. I used “iPhone app” as my search keywords), you can find many threads discussing this. Here are some:

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Constitution. Straight up copy of the Constitution of the United States—it’s the only app you’ll ever need I promise. I’m sure everyone who answers this will agree with me as well.

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word warp and lux are my favorite free games

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Honestly, just download and test them all! All it costs is your time and bandwidth. That’s what I did for my iPod Touch.

I’ll tell you some of my favorite ones:
– Sudoku, always a fun game
– Road Trip Lite, it’s fun knowing my car’s exact mileage etc
– Wikiamo, get this ASAP cause it really shouldn’t be a free app! The best Wikipedia browser I’ve seen. I tried another free one but I didn’t like it.
– NatsuLion for Twitter updates, great and ad free. Best of all they have an in-app browser to view what people link to.
– IM+ Lite for using IM, although to be honest I’ve been using less IM recently and I LOVE it, more time for me and less time idly chatting. But I still have it installed and use it from time to time.
– DrunkDial, the best free cocktail mixing app I’ve seen so far, as it lets you enter the things you have and it’ll show you all the recipes you can make. I used it for New Years and we had a hoot, it was perfect. There’s another free one called Drinks Free that just implemented a similar feature but they really botched it up and it sucks majorly.
– Download all the game demos, they’re pretty fun, and in fact I was so impressed with the game Chocolate that I put down my $4.99 and bought it. It’s the only app I’ve bought so far.
– Live Poker is awesome. Seriously awesome if you’ve got a hankering for some texas hold em – you can get right into a table and cards in your hand in less than a minute, you can leave just by closing the app, very very fun to just play one or two quick hands while waiting. I just saw here that they offer Live Poker 100k which comes with 100k of chips for $20, and there’s a way to buy more chips if you want to, but you get one thousand each day you log in, so just log in every day and you’ll have more than enough to play around with.
– Cambio is the best unit conversion free app. No questions.
– AllRecipes has a cute recipe spinner thing if you’re into cooking.
– SolFree and Checkers are both pretty decent free games.

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Thank you all for your great advice and links!..much appreciated!..this site rocks!

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We hope you stay and become a member. You haven’t filled out your profile so I don’t know what your areas of expertise are, but everyone knows a bit about something, that’s the magic of this place!

Edit: I’m heading out the door right now, but I’ll add some other mini reviews of some free ones I’ve found when I come back.

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Strategery costs a dollar, but it’s worth it! :-)

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Shazam, wurdle, bejeweled,
Floort, facebook, etc.

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Shazam, facebook, remote, i like the google app, labyrinth LE (free, but I highly recommend the full version with over 600 levels. try the LE first though), now playing, sol free (and then upgrade to solebon for $1.99 if you want more card games with easy-to-learn rules), ebay if you use it, I like iNXES for keeping up with my xbox friends, fake calls can be VERY useful, and, because it’s so good, im going to go ahead and recommend the $9.99 Rolando. Best. iPhone. Game. Ever. (that you can actually completely beat. otherwise, i play solebon more b/c solitaire can’t get old)

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My favorites:

-Vlingo! It transcribes voice into Google searches, directions, calling contacts, and updating Facebook and Twitter statuses. Amazing.
-Facebook app.
-Twinkle. Great Twitter app.
-iTalk. It’s basically a digital recorder.
-Shazam. Takes snippets of songs you hear in public, tells you the title, and link to iTunes.
-Fake-a-call. Fun. Haven’t gotten the chance to use it yet.
-Light. Very helpful to have a “flashlight” around. I use it frequently. I hear there are better free flashlights, but this works fine for me.
-iPhunny. Recent jokes from comedians like Leno, Conan, Letterman.

-Moonlight Mahjongg. I love this game. I’ve played it hundreds of times.

Other favorite games:
-TapDefense, Lux, CannonGame, Air Hockey, Trace, Cube Runner.

Enjoy your iPhone!

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Here are some more obscure ones I’ve found and loved:

- Sit or Squat – user-submitted local bathroom listings, excellent in big cities and still lacking in smaller ones

- Drunk Dial – very flexible drink recipe library; you list what you have and it tells you what you can make

- AroundMe – best of the “find stuff around me” apps

- Stanza – best ebook reader

- IfFound – for creating a background image listing your “if found” contact info (a very obvious missing thing in the iPhone!)

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One of my favorites is: WootWatch—I’m addicted to Woot!

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