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When is Fluther going to come out with a native iPhone app?

Asked by berocky1 (698points) July 14th, 2008


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I was thinking about that too…

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they need to do that…

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after the facebook app do you really think it would add anything the web app doesn’t do?
Personally I think adding a few features to the web app would be time better spent such as a lurve page where you could see recent lurve.

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Mmm I don’t see the point of this, Fluther’s iPhone site is just as capable of being useable as a native app is, the Facebook app is useless because you have to use the internet for the services anyway, why not just cut out the middle man?

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This has come up just recently. I still don’t see why a native app would be any better than the webapp (which I think is great).

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you all make great points but I think it should be extremely simple and. They do need a lurve page

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Jumping off a cliff is also extremely simple.

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We’d like to do it, but we’re busy working on other things at the moment.

One of those things is releasing an API, so that anyone can make an iPhone app for Fluther.

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Facebook is developed by hundreds of people and has near unlimited resources for feature development. Facebook have Joe Hewitt – a very experienced Objective C and Cocoa developer – to lead the Facebook for iPhone team, and he will be continuing to expand the breadth of the app as time goes on.

Fluther, on the other hand, is created and maintained by just three guys, and although they are extremely skilled web developers, none of them to my knowledge is a Mac developer, nevermind an iPhone developer. They would have to outsource the work to someone who can develop on that platform, and that costs money and is distracting to the other more important core application efforts – like the API – that they are working on.

Give the guys some time to work on the things that need to be done first, and hopefully the less necessary features, like a native iPhone app will follow eventually. Fluther is still quite new and quite small, and although it would be amazing to see features pop out all over the place, take a look at the amazing community we have here and keep your eye on what matters.

Oh, and I recommend this for reading:

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I’ve actually thought about this a lot as well and up till a few days ago, I was hoping for a native app as well. However, considering the quality of the web app we have at the minute, we’d really have nothing to gain from the transition surely.

Also as richard said, there are better things the guys could be doing as well, that would have a bigger impact on the site. Up till now it’s been obvious to me that they completely have their priorities in check, and I hope (and expect) that continues for years to come.

This is one of those times we just have to trust the alpha-jellies. Great work fellas.

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It would be cool to see how the location awareness of the iPhone API might influence a native app. I used to think Twitter apps were pointless until they added the ability to view the tweets of people within a certain mile radius of you. That was cool.

There could also be a mash up app that combines Fluther with other sites (ex. Twitter or Wikipedia) so you could theoretically have all your stuff in one app.

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