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Can you help me find a song for a video?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) January 7th, 2009

I recently posted a video onto Youtube, but it was rejected for copyright infringement. I need to find a song to replace the one I’d used in the video (Swagger Like Us by T.I.).

Hopefully this song will be around 90 BPM, instrumental, under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license or something similar (free to download and use). Oh, and it needs to be gangsta!

So far, I’ve been hunting through Jamendo, but it’s hard to find the right BPM and the right, uh, awesome-ness.

As an aside… I used footage from a local company. If I use a BY-NC-SA song, I then have to license my own work under the same classification. Do I need to clear that with the source material, or am I free to do what I want with the footage I’ve been given. The company’s only requirement was that I give them credit. Since a BY-NC-SA agreement requires crediting me, and since I credited them, does it automatically work?

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Have you tried It’s one of the databases filled with CC music and “versions” of songs (i.e. instrumental mixes, a capellas, etc.). Worth a look IMO.

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gangsta’s paradise – coolio
I heard that without lyrics once and it is awesome. (and 90’s!)

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