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Does one typically tip a tattoo artist?

Asked by brownlemur (4081points) September 19th, 2007

I know tattoos can be quite expensive, and I am just wondering, if on top of that cost, should one add a nice gratuity?

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Yes, you should definitely tip the artist, especially if they designed it themselves. A twenty percent tip is considered a good tip. Let me know if you need any artist recommendations! Good luck!

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I have no idea whether it is proper etiquette, but if I was getting a tattoo I certainly would suggest, BEFORE THE ARTIST STARTED, a tip could be had for great work. After all, you don’t want them to accidentally, say, misspell your girlfriend’s name to that of a former girlfriend (a couple of years ago in NYC that happened, first the guy w/the tattoo assaulted the tattoo artist, then the guy’s girlfriend assaulted the guy, then she assaulted the artist, then the guy sued the artist).

I also suggest tipping your dentist, urologist, gynecologist, obstetrician and proctologist.

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yep, always

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YES! Especially if you want them to do additional work or touch ups down the road.

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Artists do not get all the money from a tattoo if you are in a parlor. A fair chunk goes to overhead and such. The tip usually goes right into the artists pocket, and not the till.

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I would say yes. You tip anyone in the service industry when you believe they did a good job. Now if someone permanently implants a tuna fish on your body instead of a coy fish I would say no. If your artist does a good job then tip by all means.
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