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Where's a good place in Boston to get tattoos?

Asked by Vertexgod (29points) November 10th, 2006
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You might have better luck asking about the best place to get a tattoo in NYC, and just make a day trip down there.

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Depends on what kind of art you want. If you want a portrait or a horror tat, a trip to NY is worth to get Dan Henk.

If you find a particluar artist from another state, you may want to check with them to see if there’ll be a tat convention in your area that they will attend. And most good shops have artist portfolios online. Google some shops in your area and check them out. Always go into the shop for yourself to check out cleanliness.

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I don’t know any shops in boston. But if you are willing to take a trip up to NH I know a place. It’s called Hobo’s. It’s in Portsmouth. they are an amazing group there. I would be glad to have any of them tattoo me. As of yet I’ve only had Kerri because both of my tats are script and she is the person to go to for it. she does more than just written and is amazing at those too.

the site is

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New Hampshire. More reputable artists and parlors, since they have been around much longer. There’s a good place in Salem, NH – I can’t remember the name but it begins with an M.

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Try anyplace near the airport.

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