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Whats worse for your body a starbuck's caramel latte or diet mt dew?

Asked by tennesseejac (3778points) January 9th, 2009

just need to settle an old argument

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Just look at the nutritional information for the drinks. While one can argue that the aspartame in diet drinks is bad, I believe the calorie contents are more important here. Hands down, without having read their nutritional infos, Starbucks will be worse for you than a diet drink.

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Calories can be worked off, the long term negative effects of artificial sweeteners cannot.

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I guess it’s like the previous two answers said. It depends on what you consider to be important to you. I worked at Starbucks, and can tell you that caramel is the sweetest syrup there, and contains a ton of sugar. This, combined with the other ingredients makes it pretty fattening, even in small sizes. But, unless you get sugar free caramel, it’s free of artificial sweeteners. I’ve read up on artificial sweeteners and there seems to be debate as to whether they pose a threat or not. Personally I get a headache when I ingest aspartame, and I trust my body and try to eliminate it. So again, I guess it depends on what you believe is healthy or unhealthy.

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That’s true erin. I made the decision to avoid artificial sweetners based on the advice of my oncologist. I figure better safe than sorry.

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I too avoid the consumption of artificial sweeteners. However, in the explicit case of drinking one diet Mountain Dew versus one Starbucks Caramel Latte, I do not think the amount of aspartame in one serving of the soda is of a high enough dose to actually matter too much. Hence going down to calories and nutritional info. Furthermore, as erin mentions, the caramel syrup as well as a whipped topping if added would contribute a massive amount of sugar and fat (not to mention the 50% cup amount of milk), and the overall impact of the drink goes up as the size of the drink goes up. At least with diet Mountain Dew, you’re drinking pretty much sweetened soda water, sugarless and fatless.

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There are also the artificial colourings in the Mountain Dew. There are stronger linkings between colourings and ADD, et al.

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Depends on one’s position going into the question. I tend to be a bit underweight. Diet anything prevents me from building some fat on these bones. Nutritionally, the Diet Soda is a leech while the latte does contribute more than just sugar and fat. Vitamin A and calcium, even with low-fat milk, are advantages. Check this site for your favorite foods and see how they fare in your personal “worse” scenerio.

Be Blessed

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