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What are you waiting for? I: Is there an event or development in your life that you are looking forward to with anticipation?

Asked by Jeruba (55495points) January 10th, 2009

Let’s leave Inauguration Day out of this question, which is meant to be a bit more personal. Are you eagerly awaiting some special thing in your life?—a wedding, a birth, a graduation, etc.?

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Funkmomma has declared that since she is out of school and has her career moving forward, 2009 will be the year for babies.

I’m excited for the actual baby-making and for the possibilities a little one is going to bring into our lives.

It’s going to be an interesting year in so many ways.

How about you Jeruba?

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Discovering the truth about myself and turning into the person that i am meant to be at the heart of my being and not being a dysfunctional woman as a result of the crap that has happened to me. That would then pretty much cover everything i think…. my health, weight, men, family, friends, relationships, career, children, spirituality, emotional stability….so basically i’m waiting for pretty much everything to fall into place… i’m not a perfectionist at all.

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I have always wanted a creative career. I was greatly looking forward to making one for myself this year, starting this month (January ‘09). I wanted to combine two of my passions and see what I could make of it. Sadly, it is not to be just yet. Finances are in the way and I need a job that earns some actual money, at least for a while. :(

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