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What are you waiting for? II: Is there some prerequisite (real or imaginary) or obstacle in your life standing between you and something you want?

Asked by Jeruba (55317points) January 10th, 2009

What’s keeping you from doing something that you really want to do? What’s getting in the way of fulfilling some small or large part of your dream? What’s holding you back and making you say “not ready, not now, not yet”?

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Just myself.

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school. always school

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Fear…it’s always the Fear

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…oh and to some degree (when i’m feeling lazy and trying to create excuses that really shouldn’t count) .....Money. It shouldn’t necessarily stop you from doing things, but it sure does make things a lot harder to achieve when you don’t have Money. Which then requires you to have more motivation, energy and determination… so, maybe those three as well…

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Preconceived notions of imaginary prerequisites!

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Fear of the unknown…..if life is like a game of chess, you want to line up the possible outcomes of every potential move you could make. The move that you know the least about – and therefore have the least amount of possible outcomes to prepare yourself for – is the hardest and scariest one.
Yet, what I generally want the most is what I don’t have…..which makes it an unknown to varying degrees.
.....scary stuff, life is!

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American society.

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lynneblundell said it fear, fear of pain and hardship in my case.

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Money and time. I had hoped to start a long wished for endeavor this January, but I can’t yet. I need to get a ‘real’ job that earns some actual money first.

For 14 years prior to this I was very busy raising 3 children, and putting off my career dreams for that. Now that they are old enough to not need my quite so much I was really looking forward to going in a completely different direction…but it’s back to admin. work for me :(

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