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Was it appropriate to take a different route?

Asked by SuperMouse (30809points) January 11th, 2009

This evening as I was heading downstairs in the library where I work, I saw two men bowing in the stairwell to recite their obligatory prayers. Wanting to respect their religion and give them privacy, I took the elevator. Would it have been appropriate to take the stairs?

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I think you did fine. :) I bet that they appreciated the privacy.

I also bet that they realize people can and will use the stairs around them, and are prepared for such a thing.

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That was very respectful of you.

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I agree agree with laureth.

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Laureth wins.

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You were thoughtful and showed respect for their task, that’s never wrong. Good karma, Supermouse!

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Good for you, Supermouse! I think it was entirely appropriate.

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That was the right way to go.

Although when I first read the Q, I thought it said “bowling” – which would have been interesting.

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