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How do you disable or shut down the program "Synchroneyes"?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) January 12th, 2009

Please look at the question listed above and be reminded that I only have regular user rights, in fact they are very limited. Please reply asap!

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I think you’ll find rather a lot of parents and generally mature people here who won’t look terribly favorably on your attempts to throw off your scholastic overlords. I’m kind of in the middle, I’m all about mucking about with the computer and in the process possibly learning things like how to turn on programs your school/parents want to keep active. But I think you should figure it out on your own. That way you’re learning. Just maybe not what they wanted you to learn.

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Why are you trying to disable this program? It was obviously set up for a reason – for you to do your work and not fool around on the computer.

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It generally slows down the computer and is very buggy, but enough of you people I have already found out the way to not only disable it but turn off computers remotely.

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This program is quite easy to dissable. i am only 14 and i figured out how to. you open to programs for example word and excel. you type nonsense in both then you click shut down. and try to shut down the computer it then comes up with an end program thing so you end one of the programs example excel. then it goes to the next you wait a whil after the endnow loads and it pops up with daxsycroneyes terminated . there you go !

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