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So I am unemployed and lacking creativity.. I want to write an app for OS X but I am out of ideas. What would you like to see?

Asked by jrpowell (40562points) January 13th, 2009

I’m seriously brain dead and can’t think of anything that inspires me to get off my ass. I need suggestions.

Good suggestion: Simple application that catalogs baseball cards.

Bad Idea: Application that uses your iSight to scan the card and automagically add all info. (I’m still learning.)

What simple OS X app would you like to see?
And if I ever release it into the wild it will be open source. I’m not looking for money. Just a way to code the pain away.

edit :: wow, that last paragraph was a clucterfuck. Ha

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puts the keyboard away

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How about a way to track goals as opposed to to-do lists. Something where you can drop a general timeframe on it (day, week, month, year), then do notes, track progress, keep up with the next thing you need to do, etc inside some sort of slick interface.

Lets say I wanted to build 4 sites this month, put a monthly goal in for 4 sites and then I can add notes each time I finish one or make related goals for each of the sites as needed. I guess the main screen would be a dashboard of all the current goals and then you can drill down to get your notes and history.

Think less “do laundry” type stuff and more “volunteer 100 hours this year” sorts. Does that make any sense? It’s hard to remember “Have I volunteered 73 hours or was it 77 so far?”...

I’ve been thinking about trying to tackle it to learn iPhone programming, but you’re welcome to it. It seems like something where if it starts to be a drag it’s easy to get somewhere it’s useful and let it go, or you can take it all the way with ical integration, an online interface, some sort self lurve system, etc…

It’s not exactly shattering new ground, but it’s not a weather widget or a clock either…

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How about an easy way to manage email addresses? I have 4 accounts and seems like four seperate lists of addresses. Maybe it’s just the way my CPU is set up, but it appeaes you can send me an email and it may show up at any damn address the computer wants it to. Example. I sent mysely a message from a computer at work (a school) to @gmail and it showed up on my @msn account. another time I sent myself a message on msn and I found it under my MAC account. The address lists all appear to be independent of each other. I also can’t seem to be able to make the addresses stay in adress book and is very hard to transfer them to a message. Then again I may just more stupid then I originally thought.

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A decent twitter app PLEASE!

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@Cardinal: the Apple Address Book does that. You’d need to use Apple Mail to check your four accounts instead of via webmail.

@johnpowell: How about an OS 9 emulator? ;)

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What do you say ”@#$% I wish someone would write a program to do this!” when you sit at your computer? That’s what you should write a program to do.

If it’s not scratching your itch, you’ll never finish the program.

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How to ask the right questions or use the correct vocabulary when consulting “Help” folders. I wander around until I stumble on the right answer. For example, my daughter plugged her laptop into my DSL line. Then my desktop computer got really wiggy and kept asking me to log in every time I took it out of sleep-mode.

I did figure it out, but can’t tell you how.

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Pop up reminders. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat here and then gone “Oh shit! Paper due in three days!” (I know.. my fault.) Maybe something where you enter a date and it alerts you until that day arrives.
By the way, if someone is going to suggest Stickies they can just can it. Stickies don’t do anything for me. I hardly ever see the desktop anyway.

Second answer: Something that takes you to a random Fluther question.. :p

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Don’t know if this already exists, but what about a menu-bar icon that monitors available drive space?

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how about an app to close all open applications that do not have any open windows? [with the option to ignore specific apps….]

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There are SOO many Iphone apps that I wish someone would make, I don’t know If you know how to make iPhone/iPod apps but if you made a couple cool ones you could charge up to $5 (I usually dont spend more than that for an app) in the apple store for each one, so $5 from every person who buys it, and some apps have 3,000+ reviews.

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The most awesome native OS X Twitter app! Kind of like Twhirl, but with the simplicity of Twitterific.

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@gail, haha I read that wrong..

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(@cheeb: I was thwaiting for thwat.)

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