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What price could I ask for a totaled 2001 Passat?

Asked by monsoon (2528points) January 13th, 2009

I just had an accident, in which there was front-end damage to my little Passat. The mechanic who I took it to said he would set me up with a buyer if I named a price, and I was wondering what it would be worth.

The damage is on the front driver’s side, hood is effed, bumper and front side panel effed, windshield effed, coolling system, a/c, and radiator effed, and the airbags were diployed. around 120k miles on it.

Any hints would be great. Kelly blue book lists it as $7000 retail in excellent condition.

Thanks car people. :)

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hmmm if its totaled im preeeetty sure the only people who want it are the scrap yards. So what ever your car is worth in metal.

But, I should read the rest of the question next time. I would start high and go for 3500. since you can always be talked down, but never talk them up
Also ask the mechanic what he thinks his friend is willing to pay for it. He probably has a good idea and you can set it a little higher

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Well, by totaled I mean, it will cost me too much to fix it, I’d rather get a new car.

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Well, I can’t really tell you an exact price without taking too much time away from my assignments to look up part values, etc. but I can tell you exactly what a buyer is and is not going to do. A buyer is not going to look at KBB for the listed value on this car since there is no condition which would match this (not even the poor condition – which takes into account rust, scratches, dings, dents, and old accidents in which the car has been fixed and parts replaced). The buyer will however, start with a base amount (say $5,000) and then subract the cost for parts, paint, and labor. Look up what the parts would cost (Hood, fender, bumper, windshield, radiator, paint, etc.) to give you an educated idea on what buyers will be thinking. I can tell you that the parts are fairly inexpensive (probably still close to a grand for hood, fender, and bumper)in relation to the paint, windshield, and radiator – plus re-stuffing the air bags to meet road safety standards.

Basically, and I’m being very honest here… don’t expect much. Tops, I would pay maybe $1,500 to $2,000 for a car in that condition because right now, it is very easy to find a car of similar year and mileage for much lower than kbb value (When I was car shopping two years ago I was looking at 2001 passats with about 50–60k for about $5–6k).

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@dlm, that’s actually good news, I was hoping for $1000. Also, the estimate for fixing that I was given including parts, labor, paint, and everything, was around $5000.

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