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Does postmenopausal hormone therapy cause continuation of menses?

Asked by akeil (52points) September 24th, 2007

I’m wondering specifically about Estrogen only therapy and Progestin plus Estrogen therapy. For women with an intact uterus, do either or both therapies cause a woman to continue having her period even in the post-menopausal stage?

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This is a really complicated question; having a light period is the least of concerns when considering HRT. Check out Webmd:

And then talk to your OB. about you specifically and history of health issues in family. Personally I wouldn’t touch any kind of HRT w. a 10 foot tampex. Kleenex and a portable hand fan worked just fine. Also I found thatdancing around in the snow in underwear was cooling,

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My question was a bit less personal and more academic in nature (since I am a 26 yo male), but thanks for the response, in any case. This answer actually contradicts the answer I received from my friend in med school.

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Was he male also? What year med school? You’re better off talking to your ma’s older woman friends or your grandmother’s younger ones.

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