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Does anyone else still use a Filofax?

Asked by Lightlyseared (31950points) January 14th, 2009

Or is just me?

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I do :) its like my second moleskine :) is there anything better than filofax?

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no i don’t…they’ve always looked too complicated with bits that are unnecessary… are they really good though???

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please remind me what a filofax is?

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@jca a Filofax was a paper PDA that was big in the 80’s but was replaced by the Palm Pilot et al.

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I have just dusted mine off a few days ago. Mid year after shaking up my organizing method, I pulled out my A5 filofax after 5 years gap. I have a Blackberry Curve which I’m hooked on (they don’t call it the crackberry for nothing), but my reality is that if I get a call concerning work, I have to have a physical diary to check dates and write in new appointment. Fiddling with my phone while taking a call risks the chance of accidently cutting off the caller. I had been using a cheap diary from Paperchase and a separate note book. But I have decided to combine the note book and the diary by using my old A5 filofax. I’m not bothered with the size sometime I have a laptop as well. Plus it’s looks more professional to pull it out in front of a client. It makes you look a bit more serious and not just a gadget poser.

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