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What was your engagement proposal like?

Asked by casheroo (18091points) May 16th, 2009

I need some happiness, this thread will most likely bring many smiles

How did your significant other propose?
Where were you? Were people watching?
Did you say yes right away?
How did you feel?

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Him: So, I’m needing dental insurance and I was thinking if we got married, then I’d have it.
Me: So, okay.

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Him – “Maybe we should think about getting mariied.” when we grappling with the problem of how to live in the same country after I didn’t get a work permit to live in England.

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First time: I asked her to marry me, she said no.

six months later

Second time: I asked her to marry me, she said no.

six months later

Third (and I had decided last) time: I asked her to marry me. She paused for what seemed like an eon, and then said yes.

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@chyna aww hehe

My husband asked me twice. lol.

First, we had just been dating less than two months, moved in together after a week of dating, only knew each other about six months prior to that. We got take out, and were sitting at the dining room table, I believe we had finished our food, and I was sitting on his lap when he held me and asked me. I was taken aback. I wasn’t sure. I definitely loved him but was holding back a lot, which I regret. I told him I needed time, and he wasn’t upset or anything, he let me think it over.
A month later, we took a trip to Florida and while at SeaWorld, by the killer whales, I just blurted out “Yes!” and he was confused, and I just said “I want to marry you, I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you” We made out and had a fantastic trip.
We couldn’t afford a ring, so I wore my grandmothers engagement ring (a ruby) for a while. Then he got me one, and I knew what it looked like since I picked it out and it had to be resized so one day he told me to get in the car and keep my eyes shut. I knew it was coming.
He tells me to continue to keep my eyes shut, I kept peeking and instantly knew where we were going.
He led me out of the car and told me to open my eyes.
In front of the Love Park sign in Philadelphia, he got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him and gave me the ring. People were clapping and taking pictures. It was actually really beautiful. There was some jamaican band playing by the fountain and we sat and held each other and listened to the music.

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At 4:00 P.M. on a Thursday afternoon when I picked him up from work:

Me: So my dad knows I’m pregnant and says we need to get married.
Him: Okay, when?
Me: Tomorrow at 3:00 at the courthouse – I’ve got it all planned.
Him: Okay.

That was 13 years ago, and after four months of knowing each other. We’ve been through a lot, but we’re still holding strong.

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@gimmedat That reminds me of my parents. My parents knew each other three months, and my mother got pregnant(actually, three months pregnant when they got married…). They got married and have been happily together for almost 27 years!

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Edit: I knew from when I saw him that I would marry my husband. We knew it was coming, the father-of-the-bride just sped it up – no more babies out of wedlock for me!

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@gimmedat That’s almost exactly how it happened with me. My husband and I had been dating and living together for five months when I became pregnant. He had said before that he wanted to marry me, we just didn’t expect to do it so soon. My mother found out I was pregnant and we basically had the wedding planned by the time my husband got home from work. When he came home I said “Mom knows. How does April 4th sound to you?”
17 years later and we are still together!

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Mine was a two parter!

Me: I’m pregnant.
Him: Ok.
Him: I think we should get married.
Me: I’m not sure about that…
~More discussion~
Me: Ok, but I don’t want you to feel like you have to.
Him: I love you and was going to propose in the next year anyway.
Me: Where are we going? Pregnant woman needs food now!
We pull over to a little lake and he takes me out of the car and leads me over to a little fountain. He pulls out a gorgeous ring and says, “I know we’re already getting married in a few weeks, but I want you to know that you really are the love of my life and I wouldn’t change anything for the world.”
Me: Like, no way, me too!
Kisses and morning sickness…


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On Valentines Day my husband took me for lunch at the Olive Garden (knowing dinner would be PACKED). We were seated at a small table in the back. Being from Canada, he eventually asked me if he told me he was moving back to Canada and asked me to go, would I go? I told him that I would. A few minutes later, he said he needed to run to his truck because he left my valentine gift in there. He brought in a gift sack and I pulled out a little stuffed bunny that was holding a tiny gift box (it was part of the bunny). The card attached to the bunny said “Would you be my…....” and in the gift box there was a rock. I was a bit confused and he started laughing and slid a folded tissue across the table to me. When I opened it, the word wife? was written in big bold letters with a ring. Before I had time to respond the waitress walked up and said “Are you proposing?” He said, “I sure am”. I said yes but was really surprised because we had NEVER discussed marriage….I think we were both afraid to. LOL

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My wife is deaf. While we were dating, she started telling her friends we were engaged. I had no idea. She apparently misunderstood something I had said. I didn’t mind. I wanted to get married.
I wish there had been something more momentous.
I love the story of when Jim Carrey proposed to his gf. He took her to San Francisco, to a scenic spot, got down on one knee, and displayed the ring while singing “Be My Baby”.

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My fella picks me up from work smartly dressed freshly showered, I’m thinking where has he been? what’s he been doing? We get home and there is a lovely meal waiting for us. I am surprised but loving the attention. There were crackers on the table (it was nearly Christmas) After dessert we pull our crackers- lots of fun and my prize falls on the floor,

Fella – oh (bleep) where did that go?
Me – oh it doesn’t matter, I’ll find it tommorow when I am cleaning floor!
Picture us now on floor under table looking for prize, me thinking what on earth am I doing??
When I spot it on the floor pick it up and realise what it was
Me -Oh my Oh my what… what…
Fella – Will you marry me?
Me – Throwing arms around him YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
Picking ourselves up off the floor I rang parents and family asap
we had our baby daughter the following year and finally after 7 years we go round to getting married (we were just going to stay engaged!!)
We’ve now been married 6 years this June and loving every minute of it!!

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First wife:
We had been friends for several years, and each had other relationships during that time. Apparently, she had told a couple of her friends when they asked if she was ever going to settle down, “Oh, I’ll probably end up marrying ru2bz46”. One day, the moment was right, and we kissed.

Five days later, into the dating portion of our relationship, we just finished “it” for about the 15th time (I don’t think we had slept yet), I got out of bed, dropped to one knee, and asked, “Will you marry me?”
She replied, “Of course!”
(We were engaged a couple years and married for six more. She is my best friend, still)

Second wife: (I posted this one somewhere else on Fluther)
I had been thinking about how to ask her to marry me. Not long later, on the drive to a friend’s wedding, I came up with the idea to send her out on the floor for the bouquet toss. If she caught it, I would go out to meet her and pop the question.

Well, she caught it. When I asked her, she said, “Hmmm…I’ll think about it…” I was crushed and spent the next couple days wondering how to proceed with life with a dead-end relationship to handle.

After a few days, she asked me if I was serious about what I’d asked her the other day. I told her not to worry about it. It turned out, she thought I’d had too much to drink that night (I had two glasses of wine), so she didn’t want to get all mixed up from a drunken binge. Anyway, she said, “Yes”, finally, and we were (are) married almost eleven years. (Yeah, so we’re separated now. Life goes on.)

Third wife: Stay tuned…

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Hello casheroo, I cling to unconditional love/free love… i believe that marriage is highly based on conditional love with some small but significant overlap…in my instance, the overlap is one of us clings mostly to free love, and the other clings mostly to conditional love…

…i married because she needed it, and i wanted her…AS SUCH, there was no proposal…

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We were both in our last semester of college, had been dating 2 months, and pondering where we would get jobs and live after graduation. He said, “So what are we going to do after we graduate? Break up? Get married?” (that was his fearful way of bringing up marriage to a girl he’d only dated 2 months, but I pick on him and say he gave me an ultimatum). We shopped for rings that week, he sold his dirt bike, 2 t.v.‘s, worked overtime, and sold his truck to buy me the ring. A month later he got the ring and put it on my finger while I was asleep and waited. When I woke up, he was smiling in my face and asked me to marry him.

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We had been friends for several years, and each had other relationships during that time. I had told a couple of friends when they asked if I was ever going to settle down, “Oh, I’ll probably end up marrying so-and-so”. One day the moment was right and we kissed.

Five days later, into the dating portion of our relationship, we had just finished “it” for about the 15th time (I don’t think we had slept yet), he got out of bed, dropped to one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”
I replied, “Of course!”
(We were engaged a couple years and married for six more. He is my best friend, still)

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@hungryhungryhortence: You couldn’t C&P the name too? I had no idea you guys were exs.

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@EmpressPixie Nobody ever asked. Also, I prefer the term “formers”. “Ex” seems so final, like you never want to see them again.

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@hungryhungryhortence I thought I was going crazy and that I had already read that lol. Now it makes sense.

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@BookReader I can see you’re very romantic! LOL

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My ex gave me a little tiny stuffed bull with a ring on one of the horns. I unwrapped it, saw the ring, and asked “what kind of ring is this?” He looked at me and responded “engagement?” That was his proposal.

My current beau has proposed several times, not once has he ridden up on a white stead and asked for this fair maiden’s hand in marriage. Stop laughing gimme.

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@ptarnbsn- romantic? I’m not so sure… considerately deep and present- oh yeah!!! LOL

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@BookReader—Thank God for the present part but the “deep” remains to be proven! LOL!!!!!! Hmmmm, I’m anxious to see how you’ll do that!

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Kind of complicated. After 8.5 years of being together, I asked him while I was doing the dishes if we were going to get around to being married. He got uncomfortable, and mumbled a bunch of evasive sounding things, “Maybe in a couple of years” and in that moment, it made me look at our relationship in an entirely new light. 8 years and you’re not ready yet? WTF is that about?

We had dismissed the idea of getting married for years because it had seemed so troublesome to execute. I disliked weddings and they’re expensive, so why not wait? But I figured after that long, it was probably a good idea. Upon bringing it up, and getting that reaction, I figured that he had just settled with me and didn’t want to marry… good enough to share rent and fuck, but not marry. I melted down and cried, I couldn’t even look at him or talk to him.

His reaction was because he’d been making payments for months on an engagement ring, and didn’t want to spoil the surprise. He was going to propose to me at Christmas the next month. I had no idea. I was flying around the apartment gathering up a night bag to leave. I told him there was no point in being together, and I was sobbing so hard I couldn’t talk or breathe very easily. He had to wrap his arms around me and hold me tight so I could hear him explain that he didn’t mean it, and that it was a surprise, and that the ring was being kept at the vault at the jewelry store until he could propose to me for my Christmas present. (Our apartment is tiny; I would have found it if he had tried to hide it here).

I was so relieved… I just let him hold me and pat my back and rock me. He asked in the most serious and sorrowful voice I’ve ever heard if I would marry him, and of course, I said yes. He picked up the ring the next day, and showed me that he had used the center diamond from my great-grandmother’s ring and had it reset in a setting with new side-diamonds. I hadn’t even noticed it’d gone missing. :)

That was 2 Xmases ago. We got married last week. :)

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Congratulations newlywed monster!

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“Okay, okay. I’ll do it. Put down the shotgun.”

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Ive been with my husband for almost 5 years..we’ve been married for almost 5 months and we had always talked about getting married since we first started dating. Then we said we wouldnt get married we would just be together and have kids.. we said we didnt need the title.. then driving home from a baseball game one night he said “We should just get married”.. I looked at him and was like are you serious? He just smiled and said Do you want to get married? And I said yes.. so three days later we went to the courthouse and got married. It wasnt exactly like I had always pictured it.. but Im still happier then ever. We are planning a real wedding for next spring and so far marrige life is amazing.. I feel closer to him now than ever before.. our bond has def. gotten stronger. :)

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I was given the, why buy the cow when the milk is free speech.
So I said, fine. Let’s get married.

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At the end of an awesome day (snorkeling, exploring tidal pools, finding sea shells) in Australia, he pulled me away from our friends to a very secluded cove and, as the sun set over the gorgeous, clear, tropical water, asked me to marry him. He didn’t really know what to get for a ring, so he got one that says, “I love you” in binary. He’s going to wear it after we get another for me.

This was totally today.

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@EmpressPixie Seriously!?! Congratulations! That is one of the sweetest proposals I’ve heard. :)

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Congratulations @EmpressPixie! I’m really happy for you!

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@EmpressPixie Oh my gosh, congratulations!!! That’s so wonderful!

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Congrats – that sounds lovely!

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Congratulations @EmpressPixie That is such a sweet proposal and I love the ring idea :) Have fun being an official engaged couple xx

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Thanks, everyone! :D

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@EmpressPixie what a great story! Congratulations!!!

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We were in his home, he was cleaning his AR-15. (Very similar to the weapon used by Marines, which I used to be) He was having a hard time getting a part of it back together, I asked, “Mind if I try?” I knew what he was doing wrong, and I kind of wanted to show off a little bit. With a flourish I snapped it back in place. His mouth hung open and he said, “Oh my God, I’m going to marry you.” The next time we saw each other he had the ring.

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