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Should I Quit Basketball?

Asked by Palindrome (1084points) January 14th, 2009

Okay, so i’ve been playing on school teams since i was in the 7th grade. Now im on the JV team at my high school and it’s like our highschool coaches made basketball not fun anymore. I’m not the only one of the team who feels this way, but my mom keeps telling me to quit. She keeps telling me how it gets in the way of my academics (in which it does). I mean it just has been tough, like our coaches run us for every little mistake, it’s like we have a punishment for every little thing, and that punishment are sprints. It’s just not fun anymore, I hate that we have to run for EVERYTHING. Idk and when our coaches are the main one’s talking about academics come first, they don’t let us go to tutoring some days at practice. We have to go on our OWN time to tutoring, but how do we find that time when we mostly have practice and games to cover our schedules EVERY week. I honestly don’t want to sound like im complaining about everything, it’s just i’ve come to the point where i need to make a choice on if i should play or not next year. Plus we have a new coach, and i think she has no faith in me what so ever. I used to have a lot of playing time last year, and other past years. Now its like I don’t even matter. My teammate even told me that our coach (under her breath) said “she isn’t going to go in anyways” to the other coaches…referring to me. I need some advice…

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If it’s getting in the way of something that will be more useful to have later on in life, AND you’re not enjoying it…
Seems pretty obvious to me what you should do.
Thing is I gave up rugby and sometimes regret it. But hey, if you wanna stay fit, just pop to the gym every now and then.

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Why continue to torture yourself? I would quit. It has lost its fun move on. You can still shoot hoops at the park or with little bro/sis you know? I don’t think WNBA players make more money than the kids working down at MickeyD’s anyways. They still have WNBA right?

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If it’s not enjoyable, it’s time to move on.

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It sounds like you’re most definitely not enjoying basketball at this point—it could be an excellent reason to focus more on school as it’s going to become more important. Though you should ask yourself how much playing basketball defines you as a person. Will playing basketball change who you are—essentially it shouldn’t but in a more external way it will, you won’t be Naz-who-plays-basketball anymore so you’ll have to find other ways in which you might define yourself.

It’s up to you in the end, not your mom, or anyone. But like everybody has said already: if you’re not enjoying it as much as you were, take a break, put it on hiatus. You’ll still be you next year but maybe after a year without b-ball you might realise it wasn’t nearly as important as it once seemed.

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same here. i played basketball all my life. and i mean literally 14 hours a day non stop 6 days a week. and i was good. not to brag but i knew i was good and it was my life. i got to high school excited and couldnt wait to play. but it wasn’t playing. it wasn’t fun. i never thought i would dread going to play basketball, i didn’t think it was possible. but i hated every second of it. i hated my coach, i hated his voice, his practice, his logic. it drove me away and i quit (along with everyone else on the team) we all quit the same year. so this is definitely a relateable question. i would quit. sports are supposed to be fun, and if it’s not…what’s the point? it makes me so angry looking back. i was so excited about it and a future on playing until i got this man as a coach. he sucked EVERY enjoyable moment out of the sport.

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I agree with cage, that if it’s getting in the way of studies, and isn’t fun any more, then perhaps it’s time to move on to a different sport. Being on a team is fun, and sports look good on a college application, but not at the expense of a GPA. Does your school have a fencing team?

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If you’re not enjoying it and it’s not going to get you to something you need or want—like a basketball scholarship paying for college, for instance—then why are you doing it?

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Nooo I looove basketball.
It is awesome. Come on, try to be the next Michael Jordan.

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i’m in a situation similar to “futurelaker”. i made basketball my life in middle school, but once i got to high school, it got horrible. in 8th grade i played varsity because our school is really small, and i played a ton because i worked so hard. basketball was my life and i thought about playing in college for awhile. now i’m a sophomore and this will make the third straight year my coach has told us we’re getting better. we ARE getting better, but we still constantly get beat by 20, 30, 40, and even 50 points every game. all of us are sophomores and freshmen, but i feel like i’m wasting my time. we have a horrible coach and basketball is not fun at all anymore. i love the game but i can’t stand to play for my school anymore. i’m thinking about quitting, and i’m about 75% sure i’m not playing next year. i’m the second leading scorer, the leading rebounder, and i’m one of the better players, so i’ll feel so bad if i quit. but i have to. i could be taking online college courses instead of spending hours and hours on pointless practices. so i think you should quit. there is nothing that means more than your own happiness.

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Listen to me im a boy. Im 16 years old lst year our coach got fierd because he was cutting people who where good enough for the team but he didnt like them he just wanted the football stars, i got cut too. our new coach put me on the team. i think i work hard at practice, but the coach just does not see me OMG i am 6 foot 5 playing JV basketabll and i get about 45 seconds of Play Time a game. I just came back from a game right now thats why i was looking for some advise i didnt even touch the court today. I was so mad. and i know most of the other coaches on the other teams and they always ask me whats going on why arnt i playing am i Injured? and when i say no im not they burst wondering why i dont play. Look the point is if i were you i would quit. i know its hard. but thats your only option. I am going to quit too tommorow and. i never thought i would do it but i am. i worked soo hard spend every day of every summer practicing. For what? The answer is the Bench.

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I have the same problem. i am a sophmore and this is my second year on varsity basketball as a bench warmer. im 5’10” and im one of the worst. but im sure as hell good at track, and i feel like im wasting my time suffering with my coach that is overly harsh and my team mate which i don’t get along with nor like. I can be out there getting better at track and i think i should and so does my mom. But, the reason i don’t want to quit is im going to have to see my coach every day along with my team mates at school.i just came home from a game. we were getting smashed. everysub went in in the 3rdquater i went in for 50 seconds in the 4 quarter…..... i need to go to track… right?

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