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Where Can I find a good tailor in the UW-Madison area?

Asked by AriellaCG (67points) September 26th, 2007

I need to get my “fancy” jeans tailored and I want some one who knows what they are doing

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Hi Arellia, instead of trying to find a tailor that could charge u a good sum for tailoring your jeans, hit a known fashion house, they normally have great people in charge of tailoring any kind of clothing, in my case, whatever the garment and the label, I always go to Hugo Boss, they have a great tailor, actually, the best I know to fix anything, from missing buttons to neck and sleeves arrangements. Call and find out if they can do watherever you neeed to do with your jeans.
all the best

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Thanks Luiz….but I am currently in Madison, WI…there are no fashion houses

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I just need a seamstress or something like that

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Mmmmmmmmm, then we have a problem, try the telephone guide or something, maybe you’ll find a bridal house for example. Sorry nothing elese comes to my mind at this moment.

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I would call a store like Talbots or Macy’s or Nordstrom’s and ask if they do tailoring and alterations. If not, ask them who they might recommend. Now that I think of it, maybe Men’s Wearhouse could tailor ladies’ jeans. They do a good job with men’s clothes, and they might very well do women’s, if asked! Good luck!

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Call dry cleaning shops .

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