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Weight loss: is just working out good enough or is eating right a must?

Asked by Sakata (3340points) January 19th, 2009

I’m going to start working out again pretty soon but with exercise comes eating right and that’s where the problem starts. I have no problem hitting the gym but I really suck when it comes to counting calories or eating salads. That’s usually when I just give upon all of it. So is the exercise going to be enough or am I just getting ready to waste my time?

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Its simple.

You must burn off more calories than you consume. If you do that, you will lose weight.

So, depending on how badly you eat and how much you work out, success is possible.

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You have to eat right, which is more than just salads. Learn visual portion size recognition, so that having to weigh doesn’t cause you to obsess about food. Make sure you eat enough, and don’t skip meals. Eat breakfast. Cut out refined sugars and starches.

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Neither working out nor eating right will help. Weight gain is hormonal and due to leptin resistance.

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My experience is that that equation just keeps me from gaining weight, but I have a slow metabolism. I also find that I crave healthier food when I work out.

My suggestion is to eat less and more frequently if you can and to give yourself a cheat day or two per week to keep you sane. See Body 4 Life but keep to a menu you can live with.

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Nutrition is as, if not more, important than exercise. Start slow though with both.

I’ve found that has been really beneficial to my workout regimen.

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well if you work out and eat normal you may lose some weight but you will not get the best results. Same thing with eating right but not working out, you will loose weight but not get the best results too. Eating right is just as important as how much you work out, no way around it.

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Hey, eating right and exercising both are necessary. But there’s one good news. Exercising will reduce your appetite…..another good thing———most people who exercise unknowingly tend to eat considerably…(as they do not want to their effort to go down the drain). So, the main thing as of now is…..go to gym!!

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my best friend goes to the gym every day without fail, but she eats whatever she wants. She, as a result, has hit a multiple-year plateau in her weight loss. She’s strong as an ox and can walk forever in NYC in heels without breaking a sweat or losing her breath… but she doesn’t lose any weight.

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@psyla: That can contribute, however exercise and nutrition are crucial to a healthy weight and life. That’s a fact.

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On PBS, several years ago, there was an episode of Nova wherein they selected 25 or so people of varied ages and weights, both men and women, with the objective of training them in one year to be able to compete in and complete the Boston Marathon.

One of the biggest surprises was the fact that a couple of subjects, overweight at the start of the project and who kept pace with the other participants, running as far and as often as anyone else, did not automatically lose a large amount of weight as expected.

Their inference was that without a reduction of total caloric intake, no amount of exercise was going to result in a massive weight loss.


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I think you need to do both to be healthy and look good. I want to have a good body, but not as much as I want dessert.

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To get the best results from all your hard work at the gym, you have to eat right too. Eating right does not mean starving yourself, you have to feed your working muscles, a well balanced diet that hits on all the right portions of nutrients. I bet if you cut your current caloric intake by 500 calories daily and worked out, you would see good results. You would need to adjust your calories later, but that is a good place to start.

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You need both to be healthy. You also need to allow yourself a little pleasure now and then though. I try to eat healthy during the week, but allow myself to “pig out” on Sundays so I don’t feel deprived.

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You need both exercise and nutrition. Doing one without the other is pointless.

Think of yourself as a machine. You need a certain amount of energy to run the machine’s normal operations (breathing, circulating blood) and then a certain amount more to do daily things, like walking to work or serving people at a bar. You get this energy from two places: food, and your energy storage units also known as fat cells. To gain weight, you eat more than you need to in a day and/or expend less energy, the remaining energy gets stored as fat. To lose weight, you eat less than you need to and/or expend more energy, and your body starts to burn its energy reserves to meet your energy demands. It’s as simple as this.

By exercising a lot and not watching what you eat, you are burning energy but then putting it right back on, resulting in a net gain or loss that is negligible. If you aren’t going to eat healthily, there’s no point in exercising. That doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert anymore, that just means you have half of your normal dessert portion and a cup of water. Within a few weeks of eating like this, your body will adapt.

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For weight loss, working out IS good enough
For Health reasons-Stay away from the fast food cheese burgers & fries

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Well, exercise is a good start, but diet is always the most important. It will determine the quality of your life anyway – if not now already, then down the line.
I lost weight by just adjusting my diet, and i did NO exercise. I cut out all sugars and flours and refined foods. I lost 6 pounds in a month just by doing that. Not much, i know, but hey, i still ate as much as i wanted of anything else, and didn’t exercise at all. So with exercise and eating less, you should do better! :)

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For fat loss, diet is 90%—exercise does very little.

Research Leads:
Intermittent Fasting:“Intermittent Fasting”
Paleo Diet:“Paleo Diet”

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Yes you need to watch what you eat and need to get your butt off the couch to workout even if its justa half hour every day.Make it a lifestyle change.

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