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Who is queen Elizabeth?

Asked by ccdobbsuf (13points) September 27th, 2007 from iPhone
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Is this a joke?

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This is the dumbest question I’ve seen.

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I think a better question would be: How useless is something like a Queen of England these days? What does the royal family do in terms of government?

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I think you’ll find queen Elizabeth is the cross dresser in Al’s Bar who is desperate to be anyone you want him to be.
Queen Elizabeth is that nice lady who lives in Buckingham Palace without whom there would be no England.
There was another Queen Elizabeth (the First) played by Cate Blanchett, but the book is better.

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Prince Charles mum

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Daughter of the Queen Mother: (RIP) Queen Mum

I agree it is a silly question.

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That’s her rank and heritage, but who IS she, really? Sometimes I feel like I don’t even know her.

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Bob: Schedule more therapy sessions and play dates (or resee the perfomance of the century by Dame (speaking of the Brit. peerage) Helen Mirren.


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who really knows any famous person or celebrity? you know what their publicity people want you to know about them.

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The queen may be formal and pristine, and old on the outside.. but within that shell is a tortured soul who longed for not but an open beach where clothes weren’t required… for an afternoon of SkiBall at the arcade, followed by a rousing session at the Texas table in an Indian casino..

…who wanted to go jet skiing around the Azores; to lounge for endless days in the Riviera, reading Trotsky and Tolstoy

alas the life a queen must lead.. ‘tis tragedy and sorrow.
but service is god’s best reward.. bare witness to the ‘morrow.


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That answer is so good I’m tempted to create fake accounts just to vote for it!

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She’s the woman all the men of England want to lay down with, just to say they did.

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Evan: ”“I can no other answer make, but, thanks, and thanks.”
Twelfth N, Act iii, Sc.3

In order to make it perfect, change not to naught. :-)

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