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Harry Potter!!!

More action, more creativity, less soppiness (except for that one ghost in the girl’s lavatory, Moaning Myrtle), and still some romance.

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Harry Potter is a million times better and does not dole out abusive romantic relationships to teenage girls.

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Harry Potter. Everyone clearly has the ability to to be an active participant in that story. Plus it’s obvious that Rowling got some if her inspiration from Monty Python, and I love Python!

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Monty Python is awesome!

Well, I’ve read both books and didn’t really like either (I know, I’m odd) but if I had to choose, it would be Harry Potter. I think it’s more clever, has a better storyline, very British (always a plus!), oh, and the characters are much more endearing.

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Harry could beat up Edward…

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I’m not a fan of either. I did try to read Harry Potter, and it just didn’t click with me. I will probably not even try to read Twilight, and I consider it a disgrace to the vampire genre.

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Wow, I’m getting a lot less Twilight fans than I expected…

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Harry Potter- Good.
Twilight- Bad, very bad.

i agree with aidje they are horrible vampire books. Want to read a good vampire novel, go pick up some books from the Anne Rice series.

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Anne Rice, seconded.

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Harry Potter all the way.

I hate Anne Rice, but I do like vampires.

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Twilight all the way. I like the series so much I’m on my second round.

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twilight, harry potter is getting old.

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Harry Potter all the way!

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harry potter for sure. i only read a few of the harry potter books (and you know, have seen all of the movies hah) but i actually can see why people like them so much. i read twilight, and i see nothing more than a mindless fad (for the most part! no offense if you do genuinely like it, but if you do, you probably know what i’m talking about, what with the fad thing)

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My daughter sends her vote in for Twilight! I actually read all of the books… She asked me to.. I enjoyed them, and I thought they were pretty well written.

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Harry Potter.

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completely different things. I’d say Harry Potter for a variety of reasons, though I haven’t read Twilight so I can’t really judge. I’ve only seen the movie, but Harry Potter movies have been nothing like the books, so there you go…

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Harry Potter.

I am so happy the Twihards and Twilighters are outnumbered. Shows how much stronger the Fluther community actually is.

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I agree with Jack79, the books are so different.

Twilight is a romance novel that just happens to have vampires (and eventually werewolves).

I’ve only read the first book in the Harry Potter series. I own the rest, but they’ve been gathering dust for awhile.

I have to go with Twilight. Although I can’t stand Bella and the writing isn’t too great. I still love the story and some of the characters.

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@bridold: The writing in Book One of HP is kind of suck. Dust them off, each year at Hogwarts the writing gets more complex. Not the case with Twilight.

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@asmonet I definitely will get around to reading the other books. It just might be awhile. :)

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Lol. I really enjoyed Twilight. Sooo.. Twilight for me. :D

@toomuchcoffee911, which one do you prefer?

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I really like both of them… the names in Harry Potter are so much cooler, there are more HP books, and definitely a really cool plot. On the other hand, Twilight characters are very easy to love, the plot is also really good, and I like the writing.

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“Harry could beat up Edward.”

Are you serious?

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@gymnastchick729 uhh yes. If i recall correctly, harry has taken on much worse than a androgynous vampire before.

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I recall the same, however, you have to admit that magic has no power against Edward… hes not even alive.

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id talk of this farther, but i really dont even want to think about that horrible series known as twilight to point out reasons why edward is sub par compared to harry.

gymnastchick729's avatar

Mind reading?
I don’t really care, I’m a fan of both…

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@gymnastchick729: One doesn’t have to be alive for magic to work against them directly, nor does one specifically need magic to defeat a vampire. So, I don’t have to admit that magic has no power over Edward, and even if it did, I could still very easily point out that Harry is generally more clever then a disco ball with legs could ever be.


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“a disco ball with legs”?

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@Darwin Well, he does sparkle whenever sunlight hits him…

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i’ve read twilight and hp. but twilight looks like a fanfiction compared to harry potter. harry potter is more, well, magical. :)

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ok i like the Harry Potter Films but enjoyed the twilight saga better books xxx

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@yziabites horrendously bad fanfiction

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i like them both but twilight is way better

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Gary Oldman was Sirius Black.
Harry Potter wins via Gary Oldman.

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I was Harry Potter fan all the way until Twilight bit me! Now I love both! I hope the next movies come in 3D!

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I cringe every time I look back at this question.

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If You Like Twilight, You SUCK.

Harry Potter, Forever

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Harry Potter is so so so so much better than Twilight.
1.Wizards are cooler and can do more than vampires.
2. Ever heard of Snape and how amazing his character is?
3. The effects are stupid and cheesy in Twilight, like the whole storyline
4. Voldemort is an amazing villain and the best one ever.
5. SO many people grew up with Harry Potter
6. The romance with Snape and Lily is so AMAZING and sweet and Rowling sums it up in one chapter, Twilight takes four books to say it
7. I don’t get how Bella falls for Edward after a few days and would rather die than be without him
8. Hermione is 99999999999999999999 times braver, prettier, better, independent, smart, and everything more than Bella
9. EDWARD was in HP before Twilight! Come on!!!!! Really!
10. Harry Potter has an AMAZING story and creative line! I fell in love with HP from the very first word of the first book!
Harry Potter is so so so good!
Twilight stinks, hence the movie VAMPIRES SUCK!
Actually, I like vampires, but Twilight ruined the whole idea for me.

Oh, and Harry Potter teaches real life lessons, Twilight is just a bad romance for lovesick teens.

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I’ve read both and I definitely like Harry Potter better.

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