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Is it true that Obama doesn't need permission of anyone to grant amnesty to illegals if he wants to?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) January 22nd, 2009

Hubby said he listened this on the radio news,,,

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Yeah, Obama can issue a presidential pardon for crimes against the US. I don’t really know how that plays into illegal immigrants though.

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Are you looking for amnesty?

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Yes i am Judi…. Why? I know most americans don’t aprove this, but….

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I was just wondering if you were a right wing hater or asking a legitimate question. Some people come here to fear monger and hate. I’m glad that you’re sincere. It makes me happy.

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He can issue pardons, and he can issue executive orders.

The problem is that he’d then have to deal with any political fallout. The President can do a lot of things that are frankly unwise or ill-advised to do, and with an issue like this one the best results are probably going to be achieved by working towards some sort of consensus.

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Are you seeking political asylum from abuse in a foreign country? Or just looking for a quick & easy citizenship?

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Uh, I dont know for sure but my guess is no he can not grant amnesty. I mean a Pardon from prison due to a criminal conviction is different from allowing people to become permanent residents and or citizens. Even if he did or could, I think something like that would go to the supreme court, or congress would attempt to act on it as well. But its hard to say, I guess since he is the executive branch, he could just stop enforcing those laws… but that has complications of their own. Also in all honesty, looking at this from a political perspective, if he wants to get anything done in congress he will do his best not to completely alienate one side or the other.

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