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What would be some benefits in allowing amnesty for certain undocumented aliens who meet certain criteria?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42882points) July 23rd, 2010

Here is the 2006 Amnesty Proposal. I’m looking through it so I can compare it to the 2010 proposal so I can see what changes to it Obama may present in his never ending quest to destroy our country (and it’s a helluva lot easier to read than the Health Reform bill was)

One benefit is that we’d be adding more tax payers, which would help with the looming SS crisis. More tax payers would help all the way around.

I think people have a stereotype that all Mexicans are lazy and violent. From my own personal experiences I find the opposite to be true, for the most part. Further, the criminal element would not fit the criteria for amnesty.

Also, a good part of this country belonged to them originally.

So lets get this party started. Why would amnesty be a good thing, albeit an imperfect thing?

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I’‘m with you dutchess. Most of them came to this country to work. Why don’t we exchange the ones that want to work with our welfare rats. We ship our welfare rats to Mexico or where ever and pay their benefits based on what the cost of living is in that country. We get workers and we save on welfare benefits.

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@Adirondackwannabe Exactly. Of course, some of the welfare benefits would be paid out to some of them, but on the whole I think it would work out for the better. But here’s an interesting CNN report. The one that started this whole search to begin with. WillWorkForChocolate gave it to me

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Lou Dobbs, in my opinion is the world’s largest butthole.

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I don’t know who that is. I was just giving it more weight because it was on CNN rather than Fox.

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He’s one of CNN’s talking heads. His daughter is one hell of a horsewoman. She is among the best in the world on the show jumping tour.

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Cool. I love horses! But what is is political affiliation?

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I think there would be considerable merit to what you suggest.

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@ItsAHabit Thanks. I’ve just never thought about it deeply before.

@Adirondackwannabe K. Is he prone to slander and lies like what’s his face…. yeah, him. RUSH LIMBAUGH! Him.

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@Dutchess_III I wouldn’t put him in with Rush, but he always beats the immigration thing to death. Like Dobbs sounds native american.

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Let’s see. You mentioned a couple, I think. No wait. You’re wrong there. Amnesty for current undocumented immigrants would not bring us new taxpayers. They already pay taxes. In fact, amnesty would increase expenses, because the immigrants might be given eligibility for Medicare and Social Security and other things they have paid into while they were here, but were unable to receive when they retired.

Nope, we should keep them illegal so that we can benefit from their work, but not have to care for them. We should make it illegal to hire them, in order to force them further underground and make them willing to work for even less. Their employers will now suffer if they get caught, too, so both sides will be willing to cover each other’s backs.

But you asked for benefits. Here’s one: we’ll reduce the coming labor shortage that will result from the aging of the baby boomers. We’re going to need a gazillion people to put us in beds and wipe our bums and feed us and whatnot, and if we keep the hispanics out, we’ll have to try to do it all ourselves, and probably end up peeing in the milk and then drinking it.

You don’t think Americans are going to do that work, do you?

Here’s another advantage—we’ll be going back to our country’s original idea of being a land where anyone can come. Betcha won’t hear those so-called constitutionalists arguing that one. Nope. They only like original interpretation when it suits them.

What we need to do is open the borders completely—to anyone who can pass a background check. People will work legally, and will only b e taken advantage of marginally less than they are now. But at least they will be able to get health care and will be less likely to pass epidemics around.

Anyone ever hear of the Triangle Shirtwaist fire? That’s the typical kind of thing that has happened to immigrants throughout the ages. Mexicans die in cans in the desert. Jews and Italians (I think) died in a garment factory with the doors locked so no one could steal anything.

Is there anything new under the sun?

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@wundayatta Wow! Thanks for that. Good thoughts. And yes, the baby boomers getting more elderly IS a looming problem.

I have had people argue that the people who have jobs that doesn’t pay enough for them to get health insurance should just get a damn education and GET a good paying job so they can get health insurance. If every American did that, who would be left to be the waiters and waitresses, and convenience store clerks and CNA’s?

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How would they pay taxes @wundayatta? They can’t file a W2 or a W4…?

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Allowing aliens like E.T. to stay will improve Reese’s Pieces sales.

Wait, that wasn’t what you meant?

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@Dr_Dredd O how funny! I was just thinking about how misleading the term “illegal alien” is! In fact I started posting a question about it, but changed my mind. You hear “illegal alien” and one can’t help but conjure up visions of a criminal from another planet! I really think if we called it by a different name, such as “undocumented non-citizens” it would help the situation greatly. Also, when we hear “illegal alien” we think strictly Mexican, when, in fact, it could be anybody from any country!

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Ultimately, some such solution will be required to make some significant segment of the approximately 12,000,000 illegal residents in the USA.
Allowing them to work, start businesses, hire others, pay taxes and contribute to Social Security, makes more sense that any of the bizarre, extreme proposals out there.

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@Dr_Lawrence Right. It’s not going to change. Let’s work it to our advantage. Thank you.

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Every employee has to file a W 4. Often times they use someone else’s SSN, which means they pay taxes but don’t get anything in return. Citizens are the beneficiary off that.

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Sure, lets do that. Then we can kick out all legal citizens that don’t meet the same criteria.

It’d be like swapping girlfriends.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies Huh?!? As my son used to say when he was younger, “Dat don’ make no sense!” Even as sarcasm, it makes no sense—to me, anyway.

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Like rush says… if democrats were sure illeagls would vote republican… the democrats would build hi speed trains to take illeagles all the way down to Peru!

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Rush Limbaugh accusing people of hypocrisy… there’s a joke.

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@Dr_Dredd Yo Doc… is it terminal?

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@wundayatta Well, if they use someone else’s SS number, that that someone else gets the tax return (or will have to pay in.) Those individuals would be the only ones who benefit, not society as a whole. Unless I’m missing something.

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