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How do I create a linux boot disk?

Asked by TexasRealtor (1points) January 23rd, 2009

I’ve downloaded the linux .iso (ubuntu) but when I burn it to a CD it doesn’t boot in DOS. I think the problem is that I burn the files, not the .iso image.. any help I’m going in circles here.

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Download imgburn. It will burn the .iso as a bootable disk so you can install. Good luck!

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Also, you will want to make sure your disc drive is first on the boot screen. Here is the Burning iso How-to

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Oh, don’t forget to check the MD5 Sums, that will guarantee you’ve downloaded the complete file and that it isn’t corrupt

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lastly your computer ‘may’ not be set to boot the cd drive before the hard drive although unlikely enter the bois screen with F2 or F11 it does say at boot cause I can never remember go to boot options or similar and set the cd/dvd drive to the top.

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 this morning very fast very simple and works great…

If your trying ubuntu I recommend lets you get all the cool apps that may not be on the main applications list such as Skype and Google Chrome

Have fun!

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