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Is this a good way of restoring the Windows 7 mbr?

Asked by Beastlicker (145points) June 30th, 2011

As of current, I have a dual boot with Arch Linux and Windows 7. I would like to remove Arch from my HDD and keep it Windows only. I am temporarily away from home, and unable to create a system restore disc to use the recovery utilities.

After doing some quick research, I have found the program called EasyBCD. It has a restore/install Windows 7 mbr option. If anyone has used this utility or option and had success or failure, please let me know.

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Can’t you use the (a/any) Win7 install disc to boot into the recovery environment and run @@fixmbr@@ from the command line?

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I took the chance with EasyBCD and it ended up working. But the reason that I can’t use the recovery environment is because I did not bring the installation disc, and I have no blank discs or a jump drive with me to create one.

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you can also use Super Grub Disk. It repairs mbr for windows xp-7 and linux as well. be sure to read the directions thoroughly if you do.

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